Bilbao Superenduro Video highlights

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3/4/2018 8:27 AM
Edited Date/Time: 3/4/2018 8:42 AM embed please?

They are also running a "triple crown" format. Notice how the track is lined with trees instead of tuffblocks, a decent solution.

Cody Webb takes the 1st 2, the nuncharacteristically has a crash fest in the 3rd. He even takes out a poor little flag girl.
Not a 2 stroke in sight. Haaker off his game. Taddy keeps it on 2 wheels for the well deserved win. Good entertainment here.


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3/4/2018 8:36 AM

I really like how they do the matrix section on these tracks, it's not like the ones here where you you can get trapped to hell, but it still slows everyone down and provides a technical section. Rocks also looked brutal on that track!


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