Bigwave's "Riverglade National" Photo Report

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8/5/2009 8:10 AM

Round 7 of the Monster Energy CMRC Canadian Motocross Nationals at the Riverglade track near Moncton NB is in the books and it was one for the ages. From the pre-race shenanigans to amateur day, right down to the Pro motos, this race weekend is one you have to experience to fully appreciate.

I spent the week leading up to Riverglade at or near Mitch Cooke's place in Brookfield NS. Just wanted to say thanks again for the 'above-and-beyond' hospitality extended to me by the Cooke family.

From there I cruised toward Moncton at an average of 72 knots and stopped in to see the hometown of Canada's Songbird, Anne Murray.

And wouldn't you know it, The Newf, Ryan Lockhart lives in Springhill NS too! After a quick coffee and and update on all things Newf, I continued on my way to the track.
I had a bit of spare time so I stopped in to what can only be described as a 'Tourist Trap' of ridiculous proportions! Magnetic Hill sits almost directly at the turn-off to most of the hotels so I went for it.

I conducted a few physical experiments and, nice try, but no.
Mind you, I didn't follow the rules.

This is called, 'Stack Stuff Until It Hits the Ceiling.' Randy and Gino couldn't be more proud.
Aside from this vertical column, everything else went sideways that night. :eek:

The Bay of Fundy sits between Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. A small inlet hits Moncton and even the rivers and streams are greatly affected by the biggest tides on the planet.

Here's Carmen pointed downtown Moncton.

When I got to the track on Friday, things looked great. This is the 'GP Section.' They tilled it up this year in an attempt to bring speeds down. I didn't get another pic of it but apparently it rutted up incredibly and some riders said you just twisted the throttle and hoped for the best!

We call this a backwards, two-up wheelie.

Fallen rider Kyle Elliot was on everyone's mind at Riverglade.

They even had a hay ride for the kids.

Then the rains came. It absolutely poured for hours on Friday night. I know of a few people that decided not to race Amateur Day. They made a big mistake. The track crew knows what they're doing at Riverglade. I think this guy is responsible.

This is what Orange Motorsports riders Liam O'Farrel and Kerim Fitz-Gerald awoke to.

Earl Doucette rules with a strict but fair fist. This is at the amateur riders' meeting Saturday morning.

The sun came out and the track was actually perfect.

The marquee jump USED to be the Spectator Jump before the finish line. Here's Ontario rider Jesse Pearce clearing all 100 feet of it. Dusty Klatt would put an end to this jump's 15 minutes on Sunday.

#65 Johnny Montes dusted off his riding gear and proceeded to school the +25 and Vet Masters classes Saturday. He came up and spoke with us on the webcast Sunday too.

Here are Mark Travers and Joe Borda getting the camera mounts sorted out.

The 'Tunnel Step-Down' is another cool jump on the track. Lots of style happened over this one. Jeremy Medaglia demonstrates...

Rockstar/OTSFF/Suzuki rider Tyler Medaglia broke out this new Troy Lee gear on Sunday to great fanfare.

'Blackfoot East' was in the house!

If I didn't get tons of pretty girl pics, it just would have been laziness on my part.

'Spiderman' Todd Kuli tested out his web thoroughly.

There was a lot of party prep going on throughout the day on Saturday.

After the racing Saturday, we all got into our new Arson T's, loaded up the Orange Motorsports gang, and headed for Captain Dan's seafood joint on the beach in Shediac NB.

Even with two GPS systems on the go, we managed to miss the turn-off. Probably shouldn't have asked the South African to drive.

Here we all are acting like we're the only ones there. #-o

Kuli and Jeff 'Swampy' McConkey even wore their new Captain Dan's T's for practice in the morning.

The talk of Pro practice and most of race day was the aptly named 'Klattapult' jump. Apparently there was talk of trying it last year and then again on Saturday. Everyone's jaw hit the ground when it actually happened.

Word spread like proverbial wildfire. Next thing was a handful of other MX1 pros having a look at it. Here's Gauldy giving Paul Carpenter some encouragement.

Then he grabbed a handful of throttle and landed it perfectly.

The question was whether it could be used during the race or would it put you out of the racing line??
Jeff Northrop went for it and even held the inside line on the first try as Gauldy and Steve Matthes look on.

I think it was just those three that did it during MX1 practice. Now let's have a look at the Julies.

When MX2 timed qualifiers started I said, "Beats, J Medaglia, and Spenny are going to do it." Well, I was close. Beats and Spenny did.

Problem on the 250Fs was that you had to swing wide in the preceding corner giving up the inside line.

The womens' class was, once again, the 'Heidi Cooke Show.' Somehow, I didn't get any pics of her this weekend. All I have are shots of her at her bakery. Sorry.

#159 Sara LaLiberte showed some good speed. She ended up 4th overall.

#10 Shrader's/Yorkton Dodge rider Denaye Giroux had a great day of racing. She clawed her way to second place in the first moto and kept Heidi honest in the second for 2nd overall.

I told her I probably wouldn't post this pic but I thought about it and, well, here it is.

On to MX2 racing:

Monster Energy/Leading Edge Kawasaki rider Brock Hoyer battled hard in the top ten and finished 8th. He sits in 9th place in the series.

I'm giving Dylan Kaelin credit as being the first Intermediate rider to actually clear the Spectator Jump in practice. He ended up 20th.

#21 Blackfoot Direct rider Jared Allison qualified 8th, suffered a mechanical in the first moto, but a 6th place in the second gave him 13th.

It's good to see Davey Fraser back on the track. I'm sure he wants to be closer to the front than 15th.

Clearbrook Yamaha rider Spencer Knowles thrilled the crowd during practice and ended up 16th.

Here are Team Toyota/Red Bull/Yamaha/Blackfoot rider Kyle Beaton and Team Murphy Motorsports' Jeremy Medaglia getting reacquainted in practice. Beats took 4th and Jeremy finished 9th with a 2-DNF.

One of the heartbreaks of the day went to South African rider Kerim Fitz-Gerald of the Orange Motorsports KTM team. He was having a great race up in third place but a flat tire ended his first moto. He ended up 14th.

#27 Kawasaki Canada/Equipe Les Chutes rider Kavin Benoit continues to impress. He got 6th in Riverglade and has climbed his way up to 13th in the series after joining at the 4th round.

KTM Canada rider Eric Nye put in yet another solid ride for second on the day. He trails Teddy Maier by 19 points with two rounds remaining.

But the MX2 day, once again, belonged to Leading Edge Kawasaki rider #14 Teddy Maier. He had some troubles in the second but still took the overall.

Artsy moment.

Two more words: You're welcome!


Ok, so what's up with these florescent suspenders anyway??? I saw more than just Tyler Medaglia running them.

#30 is St Cesaire Motorsports rider Tim Tremblay finished 8th as JP cheers him on from the mechanics' area.

Cernics Kawasaki rider Jack Carpenter had a great weekend at Riverglade. He was always a factor and finish just off the box in 4th overall.

How's this for representing the East coast?! Rod Snelgrove and Ryan Lockhart present Mitch Cooke the Brian House trophy as the top-finishing Maritimer. I think that Mitch guy does 'ok' with the ladies.

If I went back to my 2007 Riverglade report, I'm pretty sure this lady is in there.

Tyler Medaglia was in the huge battle for 4-8 place and ended up 5th on the day.

If you look back through the pics, you'll find their missing sunglasses.

The other heartbreak story of the day was Orange Motorsports KTM rider Liam O'Farrell. He crashed half-way down the start straight in the second moto. Some 'assistance outside the mechanics area' led to a DQ. Too bad because he went from last up to 12th in that moto. He still got 14th overall.

Team Toyota/Red Bull/Yamaha/Blackfoot rider Dusty Klatt was definitely the talk of the day. He absolutely yard-saled on the first lap as he went throught the 'pond triple' section. We were all looking to see if he'd move and he just sprinted for his bike and remounted in last place. The threw down the 'Klattapult' and worked his way up to second place. It was crazy! He went 2-2 for second overall.

But the day belonged to #1 Colton Facciotti. It was what you'd call a 'dominant performance.' He looked like he was having fun out there and the fans really appreciated his efforts. If you look in the background, you can see how far back #2 is here on the final lap.

Great rides CF!

Everyone calm's Glen Hoar's trailer. :eek:

Let's just say things can get crazy in the Maritimes.
Hey Sand Del Lee, you've got quite an act to follow. :!
See you at the races...

8/5/2009 8:27 AM

Good report, Bigwave. The MX1 race was incredible! It's going to be really interesting to see how well Colton Facciotti does, if he goes to the US in 2010.

8/5/2009 8:27 AM

Awsome report man, is Kiniry hurt? if not how did he look?

8/5/2009 8:42 AM
Edited Date/Time: 4/17/2016 1:20 AM

Kiniry looked good. He had bike issues in Moto 2 and DNF'd.

Nobody had anything for Facciotti and Klatt though. Paul Carpenter finished a distant third - actually all three Cernics guys looked good out there, Jack can move too. Just that the Blackfoot guys were on another planet - kind of like the JS and RC show of years gone by.

EDIT: Oh yeah, great read Bigwave, was good seeing you again - keep that ship out of the shoals.


8/5/2009 9:28 AM

Cheers thanks Bigwave!

Great post as always.

8/5/2009 10:19 AM

Great report. Thanks for sharing.

I don't have to be as smart as you hope to be some day anymore.