Best season of supercross?

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8/16/2018 2:21 AM
Edited Date/Time: 8/16/2018 2:22 AM

Though this would be a good topic to relive some old memories! What’s everyone’s personal opinion of what was the best season of supercross? Best battles, favourite riders,best bike and gear set up, best race from that year and other great moments! For me personally loved the 09 season that was intense and reed v Stewart’s battle at Jacksonville was unreal. Also loved reeds set up that year. 2011 is a close second!


8/16/2018 2:31 AM

2011 was a great season all the way down to Vegas.



8/16/2018 2:33 AM

2011 hands down. Not just the lineup of racers but more because of the stage they were at in their careers. Not to mention each race was like a drama filled soap oprah.

- canard was rolling I’m off his 250 outdoor and MXdN titles
- stewart was back for revenge after his 2010 season.
- Dungey was coming off his rookie 450 SX title
- RV, well this was before he got the ball
rolling on his career and had all the
- Reed was on fire and on a bike he jived
well with.


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8/16/2018 3:38 AM

2011 for sure.


8/16/2018 3:49 AM

Thank me later

8/16/2018 4:08 AM

Bailey & Johnson..


8/16/2018 4:19 AM

any of the early 2000's when RC was figuring out the 250, was that 1999 or 2000? Also the DV12 in 2000 when he caught and passed MC.....magic


8/16/2018 8:59 AM

In cronilogical order:
1990- The rookies (Bradshaw/Bayle/Matseviech/Kiedrowski/Larocco/Ward) vs the Vets (RJ/Wardy/Stanton...)
1997- MC on a Suzuki allowed Emig, Henry, Lusk, KDub, Albertyn, Huffman to get wins.
2006- RC, Stew, and Reed down to Vegas separated by 2 points.
2011- RV, Dungey, Stew, Reed, Canard battling for wins and the title.


8/16/2018 9:14 AM

2006 or 2011 for me.


8/16/2018 9:19 AM

I think you got to throw 2017 into the mix. A lot of the races were boring for the win, sure, but the big picture had a pretty incredible storyline. That whole Vegas night was exciting to finish it off, too.


8/16/2018 9:26 AM

1986....the RJ/DB battles were the shit!


8/16/2018 11:03 AM
Edited Date/Time: 8/16/2018 11:06 AM

2016 up until Met Life.

The most exciting race might be the 2016 Las Vegas 250 main. 3 different contenders, each one with what looked like a "lock" on the title at some point during that race. Maybe 4 if you consider that AC even had a shot at it.


8/16/2018 12:04 PM

2006 no question. The drama going to into LA in 92 was pretty cool too.


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8/16/2018 1:18 PM

The next one...