Best Dirt !?!?

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8/4/2019 12:15 PM

What is your favorite kind of dirt to ride? Or what makes or breaks a track for you as a rider?

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8/4/2019 12:41 PM

There once was a track in Lawton, Oklahoma that ran from I believe the late 70s until about 2015. Red clay that was prepped for races 30 weekends a year for about 30 years. You toss a little water on, till it deep, and it stayed tacky and grippy all night without drying out. No other track in the state had dirt like it.

Clay is the best dirt, hands down.


8/4/2019 12:45 PM

Green trees, green grass and black dirt with elevation changes is heaven on earth to me. I'm blessed with it but only for 5 months a year and then snow the other 7.