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MavSmith MavSmith
10/4/2017 4:15 AM

Hi guys

Been doing a little research about MX trip to Belgium this winter 24th-30th December.

Does anyone know if the tracks are open the xmas week?

Also do we need a licence for practice days in Holland? I read somewhere we do but then I have been over years previous and I don't recall needing one? (I was only 15 so had no clue what was going on lol)

Any tips about where to ride etc would be good also!

Tracks we want to visit are, Lommel, Honda Park, Dunkirk, Valkenswaard.

Thanks, Mav.

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tek14 tek14
10/4/2017 4:36 AM


for Holland you need
licence that was like 60 euros for year.

Mid winter conditions vary so much that all tracks can be closed or open.
Dunkirk has been pretty much always open.

Valkenswaard im not sure if its anymore open for practice.
Eersel, Wielewaal, Eindhoven(Veldhoven) good add to your list.
Been staying Zilwermeer where you can rent house pretty cheap and tracks are less than hour away any direction
but Dunkirk. Tracks you can find from mxbrothers maps.

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MavSmith MavSmith
10/4/2017 4:50 AM

Awesome thanks mate, I cannot imagine they would close much because of the rain being sand and all? Do you know if they close for xmas/boxing day etc?

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Jimfunn Jimfunn
10/4/2017 5:06 AM

We normally do 2 days at Dunkirk between Xmas & new year. Dutch tracks can close if it get too wet

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Fearo Fearo
10/4/2017 5:42 AM

What is your skill level? Have you ever ridden in Belgium or Holland in the winter months? I don't want to be an asshole but the amount of "fun" you will have on your trip can be greatly influenced by this. Our tracks in wintertime can be incredibly brutal, and also, if the weather is really bad nothing will be open except Dunkirk.

Definitely don't want to spoil the idea though: Belgian tracks don't require a licence, but Dutch tracks do, it's called a KNMV District Licence. They go by calender year, so if your going the last week of the year you will sadly be buying a licence that is only valid for one week. They cost 60 euros (I think) and allow you to ride anywhere in The Netherlands.

*Anyone but Reed or Webb Crew*

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MavSmith MavSmith
10/4/2017 8:42 AM

I have been before so I know what the tracks are like and we love the sand!

Being rough and difficult is no issue for us, we are more worried about not being able to ride.

I once rode Lommel when it was completely under water and it was just me and Herlings, the track didn't shut then so I am fairly positive it shouldn't shut if it rains again - to a certain extent of course.

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David934 David934
10/4/2017 12:14 PM

Who win in Lommel? lol

18 Yamaha YZ450F
94 Honda CR 500
90 Honda CR 500
81 Yamaha SR 500
68 BSA Thunderbolt
69 Triumph Tiger 100

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tek14 tek14
10/4/2017 12:27 PM

They can close all tracks even in february if too much rain during week.
Year ago was one week that only Lommel was open.. you could get around with
bike but some did try quad and sidecars and got stuck after couple corners..
If its raining just go Dunkirk or find another time to make trip.
You can also leave home cheap chains and alum sprockets when sand is wet.

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Bidirella Bidirella
10/4/2017 12:31 PM

Grevenbroich Germany. Not super far from Lommel. Track is always open on Tuesday and in the weekend! Track can handle allot of water and is always rideable. You dont need a licence there. You can watch some video's on YouTube of the wintertrack! Dunqurke and Grevenbroich are forsure open at that time of the year. Lommel and the Dutch tracks depends on the weather! In Holland you need a licence when you want to hit a track! So mayby the best thing is to hit Hondapark, Lommel and Grevenbroich...

Valkenswaard you cant practice in wintertime. And sadly Lierop has closed there doors this summer in July..

If you want more info, just ask of ask a few weeks or days before How the weather is. I can tell you where to go in Holland if you want.

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wideopen198 wideopen198
10/4/2017 12:33 PM
MavSmith wrote:

Hi guys

Been doing a ...more

Depends on the weather if the tracks are open. If there's too much rain the tracks in Holland will be closed. Yes it's sand, but that doesn't mean the tracks can have unlimited amount of rain.
tek14 already said a lot of right things. You indeed need a KNMV License to ride in Holland (click the link in his post).
Valkenswaard will be closed in December. It's only open during summertime (till the end of October).
I would suggest these tracks in Holland:
Eersel (2 tracks right next to each other)
Reusel (can't really have much water though)

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Aryen Aryen
10/4/2017 2:25 PM

It’s gonna be fricking cold that time of year.

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mx_563 mx_563
10/4/2017 3:03 PM

How's Nunspeet?

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mx_563 mx_563
10/4/2017 3:03 PM
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jorgechavez jorgechavez
10/4/2017 3:15 PM
MavSmith wrote:

I have been before so I ...more

Did you beat him?

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EnvyMedia EnvyMedia
10/4/2017 3:16 PM
mx_563 wrote:

How's Nunspeet?

High speed, very fine sand. Usually one of the only tracks that's open in December in the Netherlands, all the others are either closed in Dec or covered in water lol.

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MavSmith MavSmith
10/5/2017 2:57 AM

Thanks for all the info guys really appreciate it!

And of course spanked Herlings at Lommel wink

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Cortami79 Cortami79
10/5/2017 3:50 AM

You should come to Axel, probably a completely new layout by the time you’re here. We strive to be open twice every week (wednesdays and saturdays).

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Muscle-Milk-KTM Muscle-Milk-KTM
10/5/2017 4:38 AM

Can't understand why you would wanna go riding around Christmas time, surely the people who run these tracks are on holiday just like you. Plus it's in the dead of winter so it'll be either freezing cold or extremely wet. Each to their own I suppose.

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MavSmith MavSmith
10/5/2017 5:01 AM
Muscle-Milk-KTM wrote:

Can't understand why you ...more

Yeah I completely understand that, weather is not an issue for us more concerned as you say people being on holiday!

Cannot get any time off in the summer and also all the tracks where we are close in the winter so we figured sand would be the place to be in the wet!

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mx_563 mx_563
10/6/2017 7:22 AM

One more question for the Belgians...

In 2001 I went to the Lierop GP. That was the day Chad Reed won the 250 class. But the 500 class was won by Smets. I'm pretty sure it was the final moto of the day and a bunch of fans (including me) ran onto the start straight after the race, near the podium. Everyone was going crazy for Smets and I remember the fans had a Smets song that they started singing together. I thought it was the coolest thing! I just remember all these people singing "Joel, Joel!!!" and then there were actual lyrics that followed.

Anyway, I'm curious if any of the Belgians on vital know/remember the song and could post the lyrics (in Flemish), or better yet, a video of fans singing it.

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Rudicross Rudicross
10/6/2017 9:42 AM
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mx_563 mx_563
10/6/2017 11:05 AM

^^^ yeah, I've heard that one before ^^^

at the race it was different. It almost reminded me of some of the soccer (football) chants you hear in Europe.

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ronniemacwannabie ronniemacwannabie
11/16/2017 12:38 AM

Any tracks open today in the Netherlands or Belgium?

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wideopen198 wideopen198
11/16/2017 1:30 AM
ronniemacwannabie wrote:

Any tracks open today in ...more

Veldhoven, lommel

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