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2/23/2014 1:17 PM

I'm curious how everyone feels the two "incidents" compare.

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gpnewhouse gpnewhouse
2/23/2014 1:29 PM

Barcia hasn't took himself out just to try and stop Roczen from passing. In my eyes Barcia might be dirty but he is still a racer where as Alessi on the other hand is just a little bitch that throw's a tantrum when someone passes him.

Also I'd like to say Tickle is showing himself to be a more mature rider than Roczen, while Roczen went crying on social media as Barcia ''took him out'' Tickle seems to be keeping quiet, although fingers crossed he buries the little bitch next weekend.

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stewie94 stewie94
2/23/2014 1:34 PM

barcia just races aggressive ( some people would say too aggressive ) but alessi????? *shrugs* idk

go dungey & roczen

so jerking off will help arm pump issues........ sweet lol

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Bineano Bineano
2/23/2014 1:53 PM

I think Alessi and BamBam should Team up and start a new sport...kinda like Roller Derby MX/Freestyle.
1 Part Race
1 Part Show
2 Parts Take Out
Not the smartest moves by either, holy shit's

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moto38 moto38
2/23/2014 2:08 PM

even comparing the silly. Barcia made an agressive scrub to sgow Roczen he was there, abeit a little too close for comfprt, and Alessi straight up made an unprovoked attack on another rider. With all this drama going around about being nice and agressive racing, there is a line between OK and completely unacceptable. What alessi did was unacceptable.

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Mitch_Berger Mitch_Berger
2/23/2014 2:18 PM

Barcia will be happier next year on the Yamaha

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bd bd
2/23/2014 2:29 PM

Both made bone headed moves. No need to attack their character.


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steve_97060 steve_97060
2/23/2014 2:40 PM
bd wrote:

Both made bone headed ...more

you've been here long enough to know that is not how things work here.

pitch forks and torches for 2 weeks in a row now...

It's the nexus of the crisis
And the origin of storms

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StephanieMitchell789 StephanieMitchell789
2/23/2014 3:28 PM

Roczen stuffed Barcia, whereas Tickle made the most polite pass I have ever seen, complete with checking over his shoulder like he had just come from a Drivers Ed course.

Seat belts protect insurance companies - wear yours.

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vanillaice782 vanillaice782
2/23/2014 3:44 PM
I can't wait to hear Mike's thoughts about the incident when his team interviews him later this week.
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kiwifan kiwifan
2/23/2014 3:50 PM
Mitch_Berger wrote:

Barcia will be happier ...more

lol what makes you think its the Honda? However, I agree to a point he needs a fresh start, a new team might help that? I would love to see him on a KTM..imho

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kiwifan kiwifan
2/23/2014 3:52 PM
moto38 wrote:

even comparing the ...more

yes a lot was made out of Barcia's move when really, although aggressive, it was harmless.

you do not want to curb a riders aggression but you dont want him making moves like Alessi did

Current rides: 2020 CRF450RWE and 2019 TC300
Occasional ride for VMX: 1985 CR500RF
Adventure/Road bike: CRF1000L

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wired4speed wired4speed
2/23/2014 4:55 PM

No comparison,Barcia was fined...... NOTHING.

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sumdood sumdood
2/23/2014 5:13 PM

The 80's called, they wanted to know when SX got so pussified. "Fine him" "Ban him" "Ban his whole family" whaaa whaaa whaaaaaa. Boys will be boys, let em work it out in the pits or next week on the track, it aint the 50 novice class at REM

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Guest.01 Guest.01
2/23/2014 5:48 PM
Bineano wrote:

I think Alessi and BamBam ...more

Not the smartest post either. Holy shit. You're a dumbass

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Mitch_Berger Mitch_Berger
2/23/2014 5:51 PM
Mitch_Berger wrote:

Barcia will be happier ...more

kiwifan wrote:

lol what makes you think ...more

ditto on the KTM or Husqvarna

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zippy895 zippy895
2/23/2014 7:06 PM

sorta like, throwing an air punch(no contact) vs a" contact" punch.

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