Baja 1000 livestram,bikes leaving start now

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11/16/2018 4:25 AM


11/16/2018 4:44 AM

Musta needed the car batteries for a testicle fry at the local cartel

It quit right as the solo guys were leaving,damnit.


11/16/2018 4:46 AM

Hey, back up,


11/16/2018 5:02 AM


11/16/2018 8:09 AM

7X and 66X putting on a spectacle right now about 200 miles in


"A link is only as long as your longest strong chain"

11/16/2018 6:56 PM

Great link. To the minute tracking. The guy from Cali, Morgan, looks like he's gonna take it with 200 to go.

They ought to give something to Steve Hatch no matter where he finishes. Guys been around forever.


11/16/2018 8:29 PM

Congrats to Justin Morgan, Mark Samuels, and Justin Jones for bringing in the 7X Honda first! They put 50 miles distance over second place.