BOS GP and Jordi Tixier Split

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8/17/2018 7:50 AM


8/17/2018 7:53 AM

So it goes, too bad because that suspension is amazing. I am sure Tixier will be fine however.


vomiting equals disqualification.

8/17/2018 3:07 PM

He has only ridden 2 GP's for them and now they split? Quite weird. First paturel and now tixier


8/18/2018 5:55 AM

Very strange considering Team seemed built for him?

Shows what an amazing job Bobby is doing..................


8/18/2018 12:57 PM

Another team fed up with the privilege of paying through the nose to race GPs?


8/18/2018 1:01 PM

I actually saw BOS suspension at a local track in Finland. A guy on a 18 Yamaha 450 had a full set of BOS suspension.