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jorgechavez jorgechavez
9/3/2017 8:58 PM

I hate to start yet another Herlings thread but I really thought this was a great interview by the MXVice guys so figured it deserved it's own thread.

He lays down some truth about the whole GP vs AMA BS.

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Hut Hut
9/3/2017 9:18 PM

After the last couple weeks I don't see anything not to like about Herlings. Nothing but respect.
The Eli interview is good also.

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wakeriderof87 wakeriderof87
9/3/2017 9:19 PM

Thanks for sharing, probably does the best interviews of anyone in either series. Doesn't talk trash, but doesn't hold his tongue either. Tells it like it is, gives credit to other riders, and the other series, but isn't afraid to say when he is the fastest.

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wfo4ever wfo4ever
9/3/2017 9:54 PM

Seems down to earth, humble, he just wants to do his very best every moto and stay injury free. Would be cool if he came to America, I think he would do well. With his talent, SX would be a fast learning curve. But I think KTM wants him in Europe. Good interview.

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joshflo joshflo
9/3/2017 9:56 PM

Definitely made me like him more...not cocky at all like I expected. I doubt that someone with the initials KR would have that respectful or humble if he was in that position

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PressPassP PressPassP
9/3/2017 10:02 PM

Excellent intereview,also Tomac and really good from Tony,intersting stuff,Chase Sexton to on wanting to do some GPs and the rough track on Saturday

Quite different worlds how Herlings and Cairoli don't have these trainers and facilities set up,Herlings will obviously learn a lot from that in his time in the US with Baker and more to come

(I also regret my username,funny at the time "you had to be there..")

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Motofinne Motofinne
9/4/2017 12:02 AM

Nice interview as always!

The funny part was in the end when Lewis asked him if it was nice to be back on the works GP bike again and we got the classic "it's only a small difference" answer. KTM really, really don't want people to know that they are probably not on production frames. Which is understandable.

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Trav138 Trav138
9/4/2017 12:07 AM

I agree with all above comments, Always seems respectful towards his competiton. I liked him in the press conference last week as well. These last two weeks have been great watching him here.

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St Ann More St Ann More
9/4/2017 4:04 AM

He's a good interview and that was no different!

The guys at MXVice do a great job with their post race interviews, I always look forward to checking them out; they always ask the questions you want answered!

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Rowlands Rowlands
9/4/2017 6:48 AM

You should have a listen to Anstie's podcast. He's so funny to listen to, the most stereotypical british accent going and the things he comes out with are hilarious. " You know what bambam Barcia's like." IDK it's just his voice laughing

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Motocross83 Motocross83
9/4/2017 6:54 AM

Very good interview, enjoyed the other interviews also.

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Park and Huck Park and Huck
9/4/2017 7:34 AM
Motocross83 wrote:

Very good interview, ...more

You just beat me to it, all three interviews were excellent.

I'm not sure why, but even Eli's tone is different, more open. All three were humble, spoke about fatigue and the heat, REAL answers... Rarely happens over here whether SX or MX.

Really enjoyed the last two weeks of racing, I hope MX Sports, YouthStream, and Feld are paying attention. This is what we ALL want regardless of who you cheer for.

Track was excellent, let's get it in the NAT schedule...

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mx216 mx216
9/4/2017 12:52 PM
Motofinne wrote:

Nice interview as always!

I don't think it is that different. His 250 practice bike last year for the GP's wasn't much different than the standard TLD bike. His seat, bars, suspension, pipe and tires. Seems if they sent all of that to run, since the bikes we're built from scratch for him and prado they would have sent a corresponding frame last year when he was here also. Either that or he rode a completely different bike all week to only go race on his regular bike. Doesn't make much sense.

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LewisPhillips LewisPhillips
9/4/2017 10:59 PM

Thanks for sharing the interview. It's awesome to read all the good comments!

Herlings has always been great to me, even when I interviewed him for the first time.

Editor at

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Langston_fan Langston_fan
9/5/2017 5:58 AM

Really enjoy your interviews!

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