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7/30/2017 9:54 AM

Just want to put in a plug for Atlas. Back around the 4th, my son had a pretty bad crash and ended up breaking his collarbone and pelvis. Its been a rough few weeks since. Both me and my sons attitude are starting to get better so I started looking at his bike and gear that broke during the crash. The Atlas neck brace had broken one of the chest pads. A quick email to Atlas, with some pictures and asking if it could be fixed, and a few emails back wishing my son a quick recovery, and a couple of days later I get a brand new set of chest pads in the mail.

Thanks guys, very responsive and great customer support.


7/30/2017 10:17 AM

Good people, have sent me many replacement parts for their gear after crashes free of charge. The Newf and the other guys are good people.