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cityjack cityjack
2/26/2018 10:37 AM

Afternoon all,

Does anyone know if by me getting just a regular ticket (no pitpass) allows me access to qualifying that starts at 12 in the afternoon?

Not interested in standing in line for pit access.



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Jimmy Jingles Jimmy Jingles
2/26/2018 10:41 AM

Yes, your regular ticket to the event will allow you access to the qualifying races.

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cityjack cityjack
2/26/2018 10:52 AM

Thanks man.

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jlchapman117 jlchapman117
2/26/2018 11:10 AM

last year they let us in as soon as the first qualifying session started. I had to run to a seat to not miss anything

amateurs practice untill they get it right. pros practice untill they cant get it wrong.

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2/26/2018 12:04 PM

Watching practice and qualifying all day makes the trip so much better in my opinion. I always get there as soon as the gates open. The stadium will be fairly empty throughout the day, I suggest moving around to different seats to get different up close perspectives of the track. I don't know why I didn't think to do this my first couple of years lol

Do You Even...

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