Arm pump surgery

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8/17/2017 6:15 PM

Anyone on this forum know of or dealt with any Doctors on the West coast performing this? The Dr that helped Zac Osborne has a less invasive approach but is located in Iowa which is very far for me to travel. Thanks and any info would help.


8/17/2017 6:53 PM

If you find a doctor using Dr. Cobb's method on the west coast, let me know, otherwise I'll be making the trip from Hawaii to Iowa later this year myself.


8/18/2017 12:46 PM

Have either of you tried lifting weights? Like Ice Cream Fitness or something similar? Working out your fore arms will get rid of pump better than any surgery.


8/18/2017 1:52 PM

Chris Blose did this surgery several years ago. Not sure if it helped or hurt him.


8/18/2017 4:54 PM
Edited Date/Time: 8/18/2017 4:55 PM

I had it done last year on my right arm. My doctor was Dr. Michael Leathers, and is in Sacramento.

He did the minimally invasive type and I was riding in a month. I gave it more time because he did some other work while he was in there.

He has done all of my hand/arm surgeries and works with professional teams (SF Giants, A's, Raiders etc)

Helped me out a ton. I was having issues that were not riding related but it helped my riding out a lot as well. I will still get arm pump but nothing like before and only when its really rutted and I'm holding on waaaaaay too tight. Otherwise no problems.


8/18/2017 8:07 PM

Thanks for the info Iceman446.


8/18/2017 11:15 PM
Edited Date/Time: 8/18/2017 11:20 PM

KNewc - thanks for the advice. I can't speak for Bud, but I have been lifting weights for 25 years now. So that's not the answer for me. I actually believe the weightlifting to be a contributing factor - when my arms got bigger, the muscles obviously increased in size, but the fascia not as much, which leads to arm pump when the muscles pump up from riding - a compartment syndrome situation.

Like Iceman, I also have other things going on, like confirmed carpal tunnel syndrome in both hands, and I suspect cubital tunnel syndrome in both elbows.

I've tried Alden's contraption and it didn't do squat. Rollers either. What did help slightly was a product called fascia blaster - working my forearms really hard with this prior to a race helps some - which confirms my self diagnosis of legitimate arm pump , again due to a compartment syndrome type of situation.

BTW - besides being a LEO for the past 23 years, I have also been a Dr for the past 33 years, so I have a pretty good understanding of things going on in my arms.

I might have to have carpal tunnel surgery also, but it's more invasive, and the recovery time is much longer, plus it's known to decrease grip strength, which is my main complaint now (lose about 50-75% of my grip strength after about 3-4 laps in a race)

So my plan is to get the minimally invasive fascia release surgery first, since the recovery is faster and I wont have to miss work. I'll see how much improvement I get with that alone, then decide if further surgery is warranted.

Iceman - thanks for your recommendation. I'll check out your Dr. Travelling to CA will save me at least one whole day of travel and expenses as compared to Iowa. BTW - any idea how long he's been doing the minimally invasive AP surgery, and how many MX guys he's done this surgery for?