Anyone ever ride Rock Run?

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4/29/2018 5:28 PM

I know it's a long shot to find anyone here who has ever ridden here. I'm wondering how it is? I did a GNCC there years ago but I'm curious how the actual trails are. Seems like they have a good amount of single track, which is what I'm interested in. My only concern is it'll be too easy. Me and some buds are planning on heading down in July but we all like the extreme Enduro type of riding. Any info would be awesome!


4/30/2018 1:28 PM

I've been there a couple times, but it's been a few years now. It's set up as a multi-use place (bikes and quads and UTV's), but you gotta remember the bulk of the money for trail development comes from ATV sources like the registration fund, so it's a little wide-trail centric. Makes trail maintenance easier for them too. That being said, I've always found an adequate amount of black diamond type trail there, enough to keep a single tracker interested. It's no Erzberg, but it's not meant to be. All that being said, the extra-wheeled crowd does rip up the trail somewhat, so even some of the two-track stuff can get rough.

It's fun, and it's better than sitting around thinking about it.


4/30/2018 1:44 PM

I've never been there. Looks like a ton of trails though. Might be worth it to take a weekend trip out there.


4/30/2018 2:17 PM

I've done the AWRCS there...can't speak as to the trail riding though...


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