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Joko Joko
6/28/2018 9:42 PM

Is Robby Marshall or Chris Canning racing their KTM 250sx’s in the 450 class like last year? Or only Stankdog?

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Motoxtombo Motoxtombo
6/28/2018 9:48 PM

Robby and Chris are racing four strokes this year, a fast NESC rider Kyle Murdoch is racing a Husky 250 two stroke in the 450 class,He was going wicked fast on Tuesday practicing ,It will be his first Pro race.

My photo gallery:

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Jrewing Jrewing
6/29/2018 12:57 AM
Motoxtombo wrote:

Robby and Chris are racing ...more

Kyle Murdoch... Any relation to Capt Lance Murdoch?
Will be rooting for him.

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One-Hander One-Hander
6/29/2018 4:32 AM

Allredge said he hoped to be back for the sand. I see he is shooting big ass guns, so he looks like he might be healthy again.

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dedi684 dedi684
6/29/2018 4:33 AM

Matthew desjardins on a 250sx and a few more.

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