Any downsides of the new 2019 FC 450?

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10/29/2018 12:28 PM

So I stepped on a fc450 last week. Great brakes, very stable at turn in, very controllable power turn out (in map2, didn't try map1), comfy suspension, BTW all this on a very well prepped track with ruts in the corners.
What am I missing: mediocre build quality, weak points, stupid engineering?

Please your opinion. Thanks!!


10/29/2018 12:37 PM

Nothing missing. Very light for a 450, incredibly smooth power, amazing clutch brakes and handling.

Forks can be a little harsh at times but its the only bike i didnt send out for a revalve in years so it was workable for sure!

Power can almost be too smooth sometimes but nothing u cant solve with more throttle.


10/29/2018 1:00 PM

Price, air forks. Thats it. Great bike


10/29/2018 1:36 PM

There is something drastically wrong with the ignition on that bike; it only fires every other revolution. Other than that, I suppose it's pretty cool. cool


Braaapin' aint easy.

10/29/2018 3:38 PM

Weak points and stupid engineering?

Did you engineer something better or.....?


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