Any Alta MXR ride reports?

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4/27/2018 2:54 PM

Not the 1st ride that everybody in the press world attended, but an actual production model taken delivery from a dealer?
There is not a single one to be found on Cycle Trader so I assume they aren't released yet? Wondering what the waiting lists are looking like?

One owner on TT seems to be riding one for a few weeks, but no one else?


4/27/2018 3:57 PM

Five rides on my MXR 100 miles, Still can’t take the smile off my face. One of the best cornering bikes I’ve ever owned. Takes a little getting used to on jumps you have to learn some new throttle control. You do not notice the weight of the bike out on the track only pushing around it the pits. Have not had a problem with battery life, I found when I come in from the track I plug it in with a generator it recharges so there’s always enough battery here to go out riding again. The rear suspension is going to need some revalving. It’s nice to come home from the track wash the bike, charge it, a little chain lube and it’s ready to go for the next ride.
I don’t think the bike is for everybody ( especially anybody in my class ) but anybody who wants to have a good time riding again this is the bike. So far the extra money that the bike cost is well worth it. I can say is if you get a chance to try one you’ll be impressed.


4/28/2018 5:11 AM

Fog is a much better rider than me, so his track opinion is much more valid than mine. As far as myself I'm an average recreational rider and I absolutely love it. I can see me only buying e-bikes from here on out. The range fits my needs, the versatility is perfect for me because I do a mix of both off-road and mx (practice track stuff) and the ability to come home after work and rip around as long as I want without worry of ticking anyone off was just about worth the price alone.

The dealer I bought mine through was operating on a waiting list selling everyone he gets, I waited six weeks till mine came in.

These bikes are incredible, the range isn't going to suit everyone YET, but if you are a true fan of dirt bikes and ride one of these and can't appreciate what they bring to the table, than there is something wrong.


11/20/2018 8:18 AM

I have logged continous reports since I took delivery of MX #019 here