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7/28/2018 10:37 AM

So the track situation in the Rio Grande Valley Is Not Great these days. We just saw the most expensive production bike ever with the factory CR 450 and bike sales have been cut in half in the last decade. Does anybody have any idea what caused the bike sales to decline ridership to decline and tracks to decline? Arenacross is dead. Who do you think was responsible for the death of the 125 the highest selling mx bike in the world ? what I hear is Honda is primarily responsible. Does anybody have ideas what it will take to turn the sport around does anybody think the sport will die? maybe we should think about actually getting rid of Honda because there is a rumor they have threatened to exit the industry and plus dual exhaust is so stupid.

All I know is I spent over 10k this year on my bike and there is almost no where to ride.

Has mxa the ama or even vital spoken out about the steadily declining ridership? What needs to be done before your favorite track is closed?


7/28/2018 11:10 AM


Tomac and/or Anderson for 2020.....

7/28/2018 11:11 AM

Much TY


Ed Johnson

7/28/2018 11:13 AM

Transworld has discussed the decline several times and that is a major reason for them buying out a race promoter organization and forming the TWMX series here is So Cal. They are focusing on Family and Fun and it is paying off with larger and larger turn outs. So Cal am racing seems to be on the rise again in my opinion over the last 2 years....still no where near how it was in the 90's but it is on the rise


twist wrist and go...

7/28/2018 11:58 AM

lostboy819 wrote:

Much TY

What is that?


7/28/2018 12:04 PM

I can’t believe this has never been brought up on here. Should make for a great discussion. Seriously ground breaking stuff here


7/28/2018 12:16 PM

Cost of new bikes
Liability lawsuits
Insurance cost and availability
Progression of machine/tracks increasing risk of personal injury
Environmentalists pressures (air quality, soil erosion, “noise pollution”)
Decreasing amount of public land that permits motorized vehicles

It’s a long list. Pick your poison.


7/28/2018 12:25 PM

Less places to ride.

Health insurance is more expensive, if you can even get it.

Wages are down when adjusted for inflation


7/28/2018 12:35 PM

Less places to ride IMO. When I grew up, there were so many places to load up and go ride for free. A lot of us were lucky enough to have large open areas where we could ride right from the house. Now, those lots are all filled with housing tracts and the kids seem to stay inside and play video games.


7/28/2018 8:28 PM

Less places to ride for sure. My kid and I were going to ride at Brushy Mtn Motorsports Park here in NC tomorrow. That was until we found out that his mom not only has to fill out her own release form with a copy of her drivers license and then it has to be notarized!!!! I’ve never heard of such BS.