Another approach could be for the US industry, promotors & riders to...

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10/9/2018 3:03 AM

recognise some beneficial changes to some of their circuits.

If you can import a load of material to build practice SX tracks, then why not import a shit ton of sand & make a bottomless sand track, leave the grading machine in the yard & let in get rough as nails.

Ive noticed SX has increased the sandy sections at some SX rounds. Why not go the whole hog & have a couple of deep sand SX races. Firm up a couple of triple jumps to please the monster truck fans of course.

Im not suggesting changing everything, just add deep sand into the sport over there.

Personally I respect the US moto scene & just think its a major shame you guys are missing out of competing at the highest level. More money isnt a measure of success, USA are a victim of focusing too much on money & losing sight of what really matters in sport.

You have 12 months which is plenty of time to put a strong performance in at Assen, just need to get your shit together now & make some changes.


10/9/2018 6:04 AM

An easy start would be to leave most of the damn clay outside of the gate at Daytona and let Gary Bailey do what he used to do there...


10/9/2018 6:51 AM

olds cool wrote:

An easy start would be to leave most of the damn clay outside of the gate at Daytona and let Gary Bailey do what he used to do ...more

Agreed, Daytona could easily be made a deep sand track.


10/9/2018 7:33 AM

Are you are suggesting the $3.00 a can caffeinated corn syrup industry should intentionally make less money for the betterment of the sport? You do realise their business model is the epitome of corporate greed?


10/9/2018 7:55 AM

Do you guys really think that ass whipping is going to change anything? The AMA Motocross is a 2nd rate series to the GPs. Some of your blood pressures just went up, but that's the reality. It's 2nd rate, because that's how it's viewed by the riders, teams, manufacturers. It's a way to pass the summer until SX rolls around. Period.


10/9/2018 8:12 AM

I couldn't agree more. About 5 years ago I saw a video of a GP guy practicing in a sand field. It was basically track lanes with corner to corner rollers and breaking bumps. It looked brutal.

My dream is to buy a few acres of sandy land near my dad and build this type of set up. Shop, shelter, and timer operated sprinkler system...Heaven...I get arm pump thinking about it. The track I cut my teeth on was just like this. Montrose MX in Raeford NC. Old school sand track - one double, good whoops, drop offs, huge sandy turns. It got rough and made a man out of you.