Announced today recall of certain Alta Reddshift EXR and MXR models from 18 and 19.

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8/13/2018 5:51 PM


8/13/2018 6:00 PM

...all those folks who said E-bike would eliminate flame out !!!! whistling


Powerband in every gear !

8/13/2018 6:35 PM

Take back to dealer, plug in computer, reset, move on. Bike doesn’t even have to be unloaded from the truck.

Recall is being used to mean “mandatory update”


8/13/2018 7:56 PM

The recall fixes a bug in the software that was causing a shutdown when the throttle is turned backwards beyond the normal stop. I never had that problem on the 2 Alta's i rode. It seems to only happen to offroad guys that are putting around the woods.


8/13/2018 9:42 PM

shot damm in the hi tech music gear scene, they release beta units, get paying customers to do the bug testing fix some, leave others.

and you get to download the firmware and update it yourself

with each manu using a different and often covoluted proccess.

alta are being generous..