Andrew Short...350/450

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2/28/2011 6:04 PM

Yes I am a fan of the 350 and of course a Shorty fan. I just think it's kinda funny how everyone kind of dogs the 350 and all the "man he was doing so much better last year" or the sarcastic "I'm sure he had a choice to ride the 450" But have you really watched Short ride this year. Seems to me like he's having a lot more fun and is riding a little more aggressive. Last year he missed a few rounds, but had an average finish of 4.70 and this year so far has an average of 7.25. Seems crappy when you look at it like that, but look at this; Last year Andrew finished 12th O/A. This year he is currently 6th O/A. But going off of average finish, I'd say Andrew is a lot better. Last year you had NO Stewart, Reed, Canard, Metcalfe, Grant (which is now out again), and NO RV at the last few rounds, which are where Shorty got his only 2 podiums of the season. This year, the top 4 guys in points are those guys who were'nt there last year, then Dungey in 5th and Short in 6th. Also throw in Roczen to a couple races, Alessi racing SX, Regal adapting to SX, as well as a couple other guys healthy now and moved up from the Lites. So all those people who think Shorty is not doing at least as good as last year, are nuts! Short seems to be right where he belongs out there, and actually improving a little every week. Great job Shorty! Keep it up.


-Kyle Pesci