American dirtbike manufacturer success story

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7/14/2017 7:39 AM



7/14/2017 2:13 PM
Edited Date/Time: 7/14/2017 2:13 PM

Hardly see cobras over here, used to be modified kx60s and 65s, now days it's a sea of orange. What's with the wheels? They are one piece cast/billet?


7/14/2017 3:34 PM

Cool story, never knew the company's background. I suppose their success here in the US is what pushed LEM virtually out of the American mini moto market


Positively, absolutely 110% obsessed with anything MOTO.

7/14/2017 4:29 PM

If somebody asked me to name an American dirt bike manufacturer I would have said there isn't one, until I read that story! Necessity is the mother of invention!