Amateur / weekend warrior coming back from injury

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3/5/2019 11:37 PM
Edited Date/Time: 3/6/2019 12:05 AM

Hi! My first topic here..

I'm a C/D -class rider from Finland. I have rode about 4 years, started as young as 35 smile

Wondering how amateurs are coming back from injuries? Do you have a some kind of plan or just start to ride again when it feels OK? Or have you even stopped riding after injury?

I crashed pretty hard last august, got cross rutted in a stepup where landing is in deep downhill. Landed sideways in to the braking bumps. My wrist joint broke and needed surgery, where I got metal plate with 10 screws to it.
Recovery has been a bit frustrating and biggest problem has been getting muscle force back to it. Rode few times in January and now in March I'm starting to build speed and shape back for the summer. Though, wrist isn't still totally ossified but I can ride okay with Mobius X8 wrist brace. Feeling like a Roczen smile

I also started a video vlog / diary about coming back and starting to ride again, please go check it out:
MX vlog - Coming back from injury

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3/6/2019 1:34 AM

Im 25 and Had a schatzker 6 tibial plateu fracture and broken collarbone in september. Havent actually gone riding yet. Just now starting to feel like my leg strength/stability is close to normal. But i rode a 4 wheeler 2 months after the injury and a rzr1000 side by side a couple weeks after that. Wasnt able to hold up a bike until 4 months. Just wait till the doc clears you for whatever activity. Any sudden impacts will require you to start all over in the healing process.

If the weather holds off this weekend ill be riding a turn track in the woods to start easing back into it.



3/6/2019 1:42 AM

Thanks for your reply.
I forget to mention that actually docs have shown green light already smile

That leg looks nasty! Have good recovery


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3/6/2019 4:45 AM

You will know when it's right. It is simply a feeling. Go riding with your friends away from the track this weekend. Bring snacks ,drinks and a good chair (no bike). If your body says you gotta go out there then you know it's time plus you have a 1 week buffer till next week.
Start slow when coming back. Trail riding or riding laps somewhere that is not a track will bring confidence back. When it comes to jumping again use the same process. Start slow and build up . You will worry about rebraking it the moment you over jump. Just do your best not to panic when this happens.
I say all of this coming off a shattered scaphoid 2 years ago and a broken meta carpal last year.


3/6/2019 4:49 AM

Long Dong Silver X-ray should be along soon.