Am i the only one?

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8/11/2017 1:26 PM
Edited Date/Time: 8/11/2017 1:29 PM

that thinks robbie knievel is also super sick?
i mean cmon, going for it all fat, trying to live up to his dads legend?
balls for sure.
squid yes.
but balls for sure.
it literally looks like they just wing it. nowadays they know exactly what mph they need to be going to do the robbie madison type jumps. but most of these jumps seem like they were eyeballed and cocain measured

i also legitly feel like i or any other decent rider would have saved 95% of these crashes

8/11/2017 1:31 PM
Edited Date/Time: 8/11/2017 1:31 PM

I go for it all fat and sick everyday and no one gives me an award. Carpet dime they said... whatever.


8/11/2017 1:36 PM

your award is in the mail


8/11/2017 1:38 PM

lets all get a petition going to get robbie to jump the simi train jump. im sure if we get 1000 people to pay him 10 bucks each to do it. that will get him going


8/11/2017 1:39 PM

Wait, so you guys aren't measuring your jumps with eyeballs and bumps of coke? On a side note, the euro kid that can't wheelie his bike should hit up Robbie for some wheelie lessons.


8/11/2017 1:40 PM

Landing ramps are for pussies


8/11/2017 1:43 PM
Edited Date/Time: 8/11/2017 1:45 PM

Balls? Yes I agree, but how did someone who jumped motorcycles for a living have no concept on tapping the rear brake.


8/11/2017 2:13 PM
Edited Date/Time: 8/11/2017 2:20 PM

FTB wrote:

Landing ramps are for pussies


Thanks for posting. Good vid. Bad outcome.

Definitely something has been lost without the eyeball and huck it approach.


8/11/2017 2:42 PM

My mom cut his dad's hair a couple times. They have relative's up this way. Was cool meeting him when I was a kid.


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8/11/2017 2:46 PM

Get yourself a CR500 and make your dreams come true


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8/12/2017 12:38 AM

fuck yeah

8/12/2017 3:18 AM

rongi#401 wrote:

fuck yeah

He's basically saying he's going to continue to drink and drive. That's messed up.


8/12/2017 6:07 AM

It's pretty apparent he just needs to read Vital to learn how to seat bounce. laughing laughing

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8/12/2017 8:06 AM

His balls are "super sick"wassat but his skills leave a lot to be desired.


8/14/2017 12:13 AM

haha I feel like 2/3 of his crashes would have been avoided if he gave himself some runway after the landing to stop the bike, but half the time he bucks himself off before he hits the hay bales hahah


8/14/2017 2:17 AM

Loca people