Am I crazy?

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11/27/2018 5:42 AM

Hi all, new member here. Hoping there are a few others like me out here. I turned 50 and was making a list of the dumbest things I could do and buying a dirt bike came out the winner! Lol. Some back story, I grew up on dirt bikes, started riding a Honda QA 50 at 6 or so and eventually moved up to racing motocross. I was always the kid that would make my own “track” instead of riding the trails..I would just keep going around and around trying to go faster and faster. Then we had a great practice track near us and I would ride there for was long and sandy and I got in fantastic shape.. started racing 85cc in New England and raced Middleboro, Peperill, Waterboro ME, Soutwick and got some trophies. Went to the national races and got to see Hannah, Magoo, Jo Jo Keller,Ward etc.. then things changed and I went after conventional stick and ball sports.
A few months ago I threw my leg over a dirt bike for the first time in about 25 yrs!! I Loved it.. got to try a 2018 YZ 125.. vey quick. Amazing how good the suspension is and the brakes now are ridiculous how fast they stop you! Anyway as you can see in my picture I bought a 2016 YZf 250.. ordered my gear and got to ride it once before the early winter weather moved in. Man it seems so fast, got to catch a little air and had my first crash..ha ha.
I see we have a few new tracks around my area and hope to ride around them with some other older guys and young guys too. Are there any other guys here like me who are still enjoying riding on a motocross track?
Or am I crazy and should be committed..


11/27/2018 5:44 AM
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Sounds like you are having a great time, glad you are back into moto. Oh and, I am now a +50 guy myself, and moto is great for keeping in shape and generally not being a pussy.

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11/27/2018 5:47 AM

Yes, you are crazy! Embrace it! That’s what keeps us 50+ riders racing all the time! I do nothing but MX tracks, and like you jumped back into riding and racing after a couple decades break. Enjoy life, be safe, and Moto on, brother!


11/27/2018 5:48 AM

Yes, your are crazy and need to be committed, just like most of us on here. I have been needing to be committed for about 40+ years now as I was almost 30 when I got the MX bug. It's a hard bug to shake and it does not look like I ever will, but that is ok as life is short.

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11/27/2018 5:51 AM
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Awesome first post.

Age is just a number, do whatever makes you happy, as most of us here do. There is more to life than work and home.

Welcome back man, have a blast and keep the rubber side down! I feel happy for you.


11/27/2018 5:54 AM

I was off the bike for 30 years... Got started back and hurt myself on MX jumps... switched to hare scrambles and loving it...


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11/27/2018 6:57 AM

Yep, you're completely crazy but you also fit right in. I'm about to turn 48 and although my balls aren't quite as big as they used to be I still love to twist it as much as I ever did. I have that same '16 bike but in a 450 and absolutely love it. Continue doing what you love my brother but be careful our bones break a little bit easier lol !! Congratulations on the bike.


11/27/2018 7:03 AM

Similar story here, though I never raced competitively when I was younger. Got a bike a few years ago at 44 years old and now I'm hooked. Great for fitness, and have met lots of great people at the track. Entered my first ever race at 45 and raced all season this past year. I just ride within the limits of my skill level and have fun.


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11/27/2018 7:09 AM
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Yup, I think we are all a little crazy. Had a discussion with some family after the thanksgiving dinner while eating some pumpkin pie. At 51 they think I should be admitted into an institution for still being reckless with my body & well being. Started riding when I was around 6 yrs. old on an older cousins 69 Honda 50 in the early 70's. I no longer have the speed or skill set I once had in my teens, 20's or even 30's, but it keeps my sanity in check & also keeps me fit. I haven't raced competitively in about 15 yrs. & now ride for the fun of it.

Best advice I can give you is enjoy life to the fullest & have no regrets. Enjoy & stay safe..


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11/27/2018 7:10 AM
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It Seems like there is something about MX that just gets in you and never leaves, it seems everyone in the sport is extremely passionate about it. , Now stfu newb jk welcome


11/27/2018 7:11 AM

Congrats on the new bike and welcome back! w00t

My dad is 53 and has been riding/racing since he was in single digits. Still racing and trying to get as much ride time in before a full knee replacement in the next few weeks. You can bet he will still ride and race once he heals up.

My grandfather raced desert and still did at 58 until he finally lost his battle with cancer back in 1998. He raced and rode until he no longer could.

There was a guy around my area that was 70+ and rode a yz125. He would race Saturday nights at a local track back when they still held Saturday night races.

There are plenty of older gentlemen still riding and racing. You're in good company! Enjoy OP!


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11/27/2018 7:18 AM

You’ve reached the half-century mark, and still able to play on a bike in the name of fun?!? Go for it brother!!!! I’m not far behind, and was actually putting my little “bucket list” together the other day. Some silly stuff I’ve written down, but, in the end it’s my life. Same as yours is yours! Enjoy it, life is hard enough as is.......
In the end, whenever that is, I want nothing left on the table. I sincerely hope all your goals are checked off one day! God bless ya, have a blast ?


11/27/2018 7:21 AM

Absolutely! But that's half the fun. My dad is 54 years old and he and I still ride together at least once a month if not more. It's been something that we've been able to share since I was 8 years old ( I'm now 33). He still gets out and can ride pretty well for an old guy. He still even does most of the jumps as long as they're not sketchy.


11/27/2018 7:29 AM

My dad turns 90 in February and still rides a lot. Mostly touring on his Goldwing but he still likes to hit the trails on his his dual sport. He did a 70 mile ride on the dual sport a few months ago. Once your hooked it never goes away.


11/27/2018 8:31 AM
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Yep, you're crazy and in the right place, lol. The YZ 250 F is perfect for us older gentlemen imho. Congrats, and I think we're all crazy, but a good crazy.


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11/27/2018 9:19 AM
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Don’t buy a 2 stroke or you’ll be a junkie. You’ll lose your house. Everything! You got the personality for the 2 smoke.


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11/27/2018 9:43 AM

You were crazy for getting out of it for so long.....welcome back....


11/27/2018 9:54 AM

Not far from you in Douglas... If your crazy i am insane. 53yrs old now. Off a bike for 30+ years then started racing again. You will feel the pain in your body and wallet big time. 2 stroke and 4-stroke Photo Photo


11/27/2018 9:57 AM

Yup you're crazy!!! 59 and my MOTO craziness was passed on to my wife, 3 boys 2 girls and now my grandson . fuck yea ride dirt until I return to dirt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


11/27/2018 10:49 AM
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Join Oldmenthatusetorace on Facebook. (I think Gary above is in there?) Jim puts some great ride days together for us at places like Southwick, MX101, NHMX and more. No judgement, no pressure, just a chance to put some laps in and shoot the shit afterwards.


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11/27/2018 12:30 PM

62yo here...crazy or got the moto virus like the rest of us.
Just got my latest "last bike" (#4 or 5)...2019 YZ250f.
Crazy? Nah....but only other motoheads will understand.


11/27/2018 1:27 PM

Thanks for all the great replies guys! You guys have an active forum glad to hear that I’m not alone and that people get it. As some of the replies have said I know I will be sore as I was sore for a week from my basic crash. Good thing is I keep in pretty good shape with running and some weights etc and I’m in the trades so I’m used to beating the crap out of my


11/27/2018 1:56 PM
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Very similar story for me too. Started racing NEMA in 1981, moved on to NESC in1985, raced until 1996, moved to FL, raced there until 2003, moved back to CT, last race was 2012, haven't been on a bike since but I am definitely not done yet. Not a day goes by without thinking about it. Returning after 7 years off at age 50 scares the hell out of me
because I'm a physiical wreck. I'm a roofer and it takes me 15 minutes to get out of bed in the morning.



11/27/2018 8:20 PM

GeorgiePorgie wrote:

Don’t buy a 2 stroke or you’ll be a junkie. You’ll lose your house. Everything! You got the personality for the 2 smoke.

Ha ha..this is a much younger me back when all the bikes were 2 strokes, I think this was my first true race with gate drop..track is Pepperell MA , super rocky..I remember I was so nervous at the gate! Don’t have many pictures from those days we didn’t seem to take many pictures then, we all just did stuff.. Photo


11/27/2018 8:30 PM

Welcome back! I'll be 58 in January and plan to ride/race as long as my body will let me.


11/27/2018 8:42 PM

I'm almost 62 yrs old. Started racing in 1973. Been at it since riding a 2018 KTM 450 FE. today. I have a home track and try to put in a 20 min moto once per day.


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11/28/2018 10:49 AM

Just getting back into MX as well. Raced 80's in the 90's eventually moving to 125C then 125B. By 26 I was focused on career and starting my family. Now, at 38 I picked up a craigslist 05 YZ125 and have put some laps on Englishtown NJ's new MX track. The 125 is a blast! long as you don't mind being a surgeon with the transmission (lol).

I work an office job and regularly to ZERO exercise; My body last about 1/2 a lap! LOL I've gone riding 3 times total since being back on the bike and couldn't be happier. Smelling 927 is the cherry on top!


11/28/2018 11:10 AM

Been at it for 28 years just turned fiddy the day after Thanksgiving. Had the gnarliest crash of my riding days just a week shy of one year ago. Hope to ride atleast once in 2018 to keep the years rolling and I have no plans to hang up the boots...