Albertson Injury Update

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1/13/2011 9:35 PM

Charles Halcomb / videos / photos / blog
Jimmy "Albee" Albertson injury update!!
posted in Supercross 2 hours ago.

I wanted to keep you update on Jimmy. Jimmy got here Monday night. We had an appointment yesterday{Wednesday} with the orthopedist. There was still a lot of swelling, so it was impossible to make an “positive” assessment. Here is what we have at this point. MCL is definitely torn but surgery may not be necessary. They will heal on their own as long as the ligament has not “folded over”. The MRI should show its position. 2 months healing with 30 days rehab and ready to go. This is what we know at this point. Good signs-most swelling and bruising confined to one side of knee.. not a lot of pain MRI is scheduled Monday when swelling should be limited- we did rent a “game ready” machine. This machine pumps ice water around a device that wraps completely around the leg for maximum “icing”. Used 6 times a day. This should reduce all swelling before the MRI so we get a good reading, and also help with the healing process immediately. We will know the condition of the ACL also after the MRI. At this point, we feel there is a good chance that no surgery will be needed and Jimmy ready to ride in three months.


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1/13/2011 9:53 PM

Good deal! It's gonna be on at Hangtown!


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1/14/2011 5:12 AM

Here's to hoping for the best for Jimmy.
We'll be waiting for all updates.

I don't trust any "Joined Date" later than 2012


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1/14/2011 5:30 AM

bq_365 wrote:

Good deal! It's gonna be on at Hangtown!

Cant wait alreeeeady!


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1/14/2011 6:08 AM

Great news!!


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1/14/2011 6:33 AM

Great news!! That's awesome that he most likely won't need surgery. He seems like an great guy, can't wait for nats!


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1/14/2011 7:26 AM

Good news. Sucks to hear of any riders going down, but especially privateers putting it all on the line.


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1/14/2011 8:43 AM



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1/14/2011 8:59 AM

Chris_ONeal wrote: 108_JAN2604

Anybody want a signed Albertson jersey, I have this 1 signed by Albee before he left for Missouri!! It will be available later this year as he donated it to a friend of mines pediatric brain tumour fund raiser, Heal up Albee and hope the knee diagnosis requires no surgery!!