Air Fork Spring Converison Reviews? Prices?

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3/2/2018 1:00 PM
Edited Date/Time: 3/2/2018 1:01 PM

Now that they have been out for a while, what are the reviews on the spring conversions on the CRF? Anywhere really but especially at Factory Connection.

I have a CRF250R, and was curious if you stop at a rear spring and front/rear revalve, or pay the extra and get the conversion? Ive never had suspension built for me personally, and been riding/racing a long time. Just minor changes, and I was lighter back then.

It seems like a lot of money to spend, and the spring kit added doesnt look so bad now.... Not sure what everyone is paying for custom suspension mods now.

I was considering buying a 2018 250 or 450, but even shelling out cash for a FC suspension I'm still way less than an 18 at this point. I guess even a 2018 I'm still heavy (195) so would still need to pay for a revalve and springs.

Just looking for some advice for those that have done this. I just practice ride mx mostly, with a few races a year.


3/2/2018 1:19 PM

BTW, I plan on keeping this bike for a while if the suspension turns out good. Ill get another 450 eventually, but for now being almost a 40+ VET rider on smaller more technical tracks, the 250 is a perfect fit.


3/2/2018 1:52 PM

We did a RaceTech spring conversion on a ‘17 CRF250R that we were very happy with. Their conversion kit $499 plus the spring. You can even try that kit without a revalve if you want.


3/2/2018 6:30 PM

I know you said Honda only but for what it is worth I just had a spring conversion done on my 17 RMZ and I love it! Couldn’t be happier to be off of the air. I ride 30+ and had never had air fork before this one and for whatever reason me and the air fork did not gel.... so if your thinking it go with your gut, I used Enzo suspension here in Texas


3/2/2018 7:13 PM

I’m hating the airfork, have racetech valves and skf intek kit. Think I’m gonna try the kroozetune spring conversion, it has external pre load adjuster.


3/2/2018 8:56 PM

I had the glide kit installed and that helped a lot.


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3/5/2018 6:51 AM

Any more opinions?

Do the respring and revalve only, or add the spring conversion kit?


3/5/2018 8:13 AM

My friend has a 17 crf250 he bought partially because he really liked the idea of the airfork. After months of screwing around he bought the spring kit and did the converaion. Apart from better performance in general its now also a lot less hassle to live with. Do the conversion. He bought the kit and installed it himself but if your getting a shop to do it get the revalve done at the same time. Might as well while it's all apart


3/5/2018 9:04 AM

Best option would be to just get rid of your hondaw00t


3/5/2018 9:51 AM

Worth every penny. I went with the Mx-tech kit, 599 with a spring and also installed huck valve(extra$$). Worth every penny. Worth EVERY PENNY.