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8/3/2019 12:00 PM
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My wife was diagnosed about twenty years ago with muscular dystrophy (Limb girdle). It's a progressive condition that weakens the arms, legs and proximal muscles. We've managed throughout the years but we're considering CBD oils to help with inflammation, pain management and all the stressors that come along with having this disease. We are not at all familiar with CBD and know there are all sorts of claims on the web. Hopefully some of you guys could inform or share some experiences about this substance. Yea I know it's not moto related but this is where it should get looked at the most. Thanks, Peltier626


8/3/2019 12:03 PM

I've tried it a bunch. Don't notice anything or feel like it helps at all.


8/3/2019 12:05 PM

crowe176 wrote:

I've tried it a bunch. Don't notice anything or feel like it helps at all.

I've never tried it. But I read a bunch about it in the non moto thread and it sounds like snake oil to me.


8/3/2019 12:08 PM

Check out greenroads products. CBD isnt federally regulated so theres a ton of shit out there. Some of which doesnt even contain CBD. Greenroads seems the most credible/trustworthy. They also sell not just as an oil, but in gummies and coffee. I do the gummies. It used to help a lot with my daily aches and pains but lately it doesnt seem to help much. Still, I got a solid 6 months of mild pain and saw a huge difference in my recovery from old injuries. More range of motion and my left arm doesnt go numb nearly as easily. Could be coincidental though. Nothing heals in a linear manner. Either way I'm happy


8/3/2019 12:09 PM
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Everyone is different. Try it, it might be just what you're looking for. But, it might not work at all.
I know a Lady that tried it. Pain was gone, so she 'did' things she usually wouldnt have. Next day? Pain was so much horse. So, take it easy.


8/3/2019 12:40 PM

I have a buddy that sells the real stuff. I do think 95 percent is a diluted product. If your interested in trying it my email is


8/3/2019 12:41 PM

Hammer Nutrition sells it in various forms, all w/o THC. They have a rep for very clean products.

A biologist friend says the CBD with THC works better than that without it. Colo or NV here we come!


The older I get...the less I can remember about how much faster I was....

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8/3/2019 12:49 PM
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crowe176 wrote:

I've tried it a bunch. Don't notice anything or feel like it helps at all.

Tarz483 wrote:

I've never tried it. But I read a bunch about it in the non moto thread and it sounds like snake oil to me.

Yea, I've tried most that sponsor riders like Reed and Wardy.. Along with some supposed good stuff from local smoke shops. About all I've ever noticed is MAYBE I slept a little better. But no noticable help with any of my ach's/pain from MX..

Maybe it's just me, and it works for others, but I'm kind of on the snake oil train from personal experience.

Edit: I've only tried the gel tabs, and liquid gel that you digest. I've never tried the cream..


8/3/2019 12:54 PM

peltier626 wrote:

My wife was diagnosed about twenty years ago with muscular dystrophy (Limb girdle). It's a progressive condition that weakens ...more

Also, I'm sorry to hear about your wife's MS.. I will say, my grandma has MS, and my cousin feeds her gummy's that have THC, and she feels like they really help. It probably can't hurt to try it all, and I really hope your wife and yourself find something that helps comfort her.


8/3/2019 1:05 PM

The issue right now is definitely sourcing.

Some people in this thread seem on the ball so good luck.

A major player just signed an exclusive deal with the Ufc to do clinical cbd trials on their athletes.

So soon we'll at least have some reliable data to show benefits as opposed to simply claims.

Colo Cali here we come?


All of Canada, Massachusetts, Illinois as of 1/20....


8/3/2019 1:11 PM

I tried CBD MD cream, ignite cream.. tried the drops too. Didn't seem to do very much. It's still a new product so hopefully we can get some real research and clinical trials within the next year or two. Shits expensive to just keep buying


8/3/2019 1:16 PM

I've tried it for joint pain and to help me sleep. It was from a vape pen. I never finished it. My joints still hurt and all it did for sleep was give me weird dreams.
It was a mid tier one nothing to expensive. I'm not saying it doesnt work for some people but in my experience it didn't work for me.


8/3/2019 1:19 PM

My wife has had moderate back pain for years, she loves Papa & Barkley body oil 1:3
1 part CBD, 3 parts THC. Doesn't get her high but definitely takes the edge of her back pain.
The irony with this question is we just got home from Apothekare in San Diego to refill her "prescription"


8/3/2019 1:30 PM
Edited Date/Time: 8/3/2019 1:31 PM

I'm with the disappointed bunch that claim CBD oils don't do anything positive at all. I used the New Leaf products.

It never made me sleepy...and another poster said, it gave me weird dreams and I felt weird when I got up in the morning. No likey.

As far as pain relief, I noticed no relief at all. No likey.

As far as relaxation, I noticed no help at all. No likey.

So...overall, I'm not impressed. Don't believe the hype!!


8/3/2019 1:36 PM

Another one not impressed. Tried it in creme form for chronic pain in shoulders, elbows from years of sports and resulting injuries. Didn't see any difference after weeks of application via deep massage. Advil works better for me.

Now, THC in smoke form definitely helps me relax. But I've gotten too old to really do much of that now.

Hammer 663s


8/3/2019 3:00 PM

CBD doesn't make you sleepy, that's a trait found in Sativa dominant strains of THC. CBD has different strains, just like THC, some of which help with focus, recovery, and RELAXATION.

DO NOT BUY FROM YOUR LOCAL SMOKE SHOP. This is where you'll find the diluted / knock off fake stuff.

I do suggest if at all possible in your area to try something with a Indica dominant, or Hybrid strain of THC.

A lot of the big brands are expensive, and can be costly to use daily. Personally, I'd start out with a cream, and some tinctures (drops) and some gummies and go from there.

One thing the people who say "it stopped working" don't mention, because maybe they don't consider it, is that you BUILD a tolerance to these things over time. I remember getting a buzz off of a beer or two, now I need at least 6.....

Best of luck, if I can answer any questions you may have, please shoot them my way!


8/3/2019 5:59 PM

I'm impressed with mother moon's 1500mg drops. I do 5drops under my tongue (cinnamon or mint) once per day. Usually mid to late afternoon. Relaxes me and seems to help some arthritis issues (bone on bone rt shoulder)...was getting 4 cortisone shots per year and thanks to the CBD (guessing) I have needed NONE yet this year!


8/3/2019 7:00 PM

I haven't found it to help in my daily motion. However, I suffer from undiagnosable frequent migraines. I can tell u when a migraine is starting as it starts in my neck. I've used cbd lotion on the back of my neck and head and I'm convinced it's not placebo and it actually dulls the intensity.

I am currently out of lotion, but have oil on hand. Ironically, I've had a migraine from about 1pm today with little relief. I just squirted a whole vile on my hands and rubbed it in on my neck like normal. I then applied biofreeze. I did this about 15 minutes ago and I certainly have some relief. Migraines are debilitating. Ruins my whole day. My wife gets so pissed because it seemingly always ruins plans. I've tried dozens of "migraine" meds and they don't do shit for me. I'm the opposite of those who get stress migraines. I get them after the stressors of the work week are complete. Once the monkey comes off the back, you can bet I'm getting a migraine.

Only temporary relief I've found is Vicodin to be able to fall asleep, and cbd on the neck. But due to all the junkies out there, I'm not able to be prescribed Norco any longer, and I was only getting 10 for 6 months. FML

Tried it for carpal tunnel, nothing.


8/3/2019 7:42 PM

I use this stuff. CBD is very subtle. I bought it to help with pain and inflammation from when i broke my tibial plateau last fall - the plates and screws kill me some days. Worked well. Now days the best thing about this is how relaxed i get before bed and social anxiety is subsiding enough for my friends to notice the change. Costs me $100 every 2 months. Before i started buying it, i would see literature online where some people are receptive to it and some simply are not. Just depends on the person.


8/3/2019 8:04 PM
Edited Date/Time: 8/3/2019 8:06 PM

My grandmother was diagnosed with ovarian cancer when I was 13 back in 90. The doctor told her that consuming edibles would help alleviate her pain. It helped quite a bit till she passed away a couple years later. This was before everything regarding the reform of marijuana laws. The reason that this was suggested was back then insurance companies could drop you when you were diagnosed with something terminal. She was dropped from the insurance, and no longer able to afford the cost of her prescriptions yet alone the other treatments. So this was the next best thing. I don't smoke or consume anything regarding marijuana myself. But, I do however endorse the fact that there are medical benefits in regards to it managing pain. I know this is a bit different then cbd oil but you stating pain management struck a familiar nerve. Apologies for the long winded message. I hope you guys find a solution that works.


8/3/2019 8:07 PM

I know a Physiologist and professional trainer that takes and gives CBD oils to his 12 year old son. They’re legit.


8/3/2019 9:11 PM
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willie838 wrote:

The issue right now is definitely sourcing.

Some people in this thread seem on the ball so good luck.

A major player just ...more

I work the UFC events, and yes. It will be interesting to see since they have all the athletes at the PI and the new centers they are building around the world where lots will be training. There are lots of dudes using various stuff but they have always told them to stop at least 30 days out because the stuff can't be trusted.

The concensus among people with no financial interest is, unless it has THC in it, it is basically nothing. (Except the sponsored guys swear by it) wassat

It is like taking all the nutrients and pulp out of an orange, all you have left is water. Which is nothing more than plain old water.

Personally with a background in chemistry, most CBD creams are usually total bullshit and need a delivery medium(solvent) to pass any active ingredient through the skin to actually do anything. There in lies why it is usually worthless.

To understand, Look at lotion. It is topical and never gets into your system. You can lather Vitamin E all over 24/7/365 and never get any vitamin E toxicity ever.(It is fat soluble) Unlike taking oral Vitamin E in high doses can build up. But topical it never will get into the system.

The skin is a very effective protective layer in that sense.

Back in the day athletes used a few different solvents to get drugs into their system from Pellets (Couldn't Inject solids) and eating them wouldn't pass through the stomach acid in usable amounts, and what did, got broken down by the liver being non 17α-alkylated. So the gut destroyed the drugs before it really did anything.

So they would dissolve in solvent and rub all over their bodies.

This is also why you can wash your hands in gas and not get high unless you are sniffing it. It wont pass and just strips the oils off your hands and drys them out.

However TEL in leaded fuel can pass through the skin barrier and you could get lead poisoning with extended contact.

Side Note. Nate Diaz is the one who got pure CBD allowed under the USADA code about 2 years ago.

They even named it the Nate Diaz rule.


8/3/2019 9:59 PM


Decent for anxiety/ sleep if you take a high enough dose. Pain relief? Meh


8/3/2019 10:44 PM
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From my experience cannabis is like a smart drug, as it will help with whatever ails you. What I am starting to wonder is why people are so adverse to the THC component. What is wrong with being high? If it makes you feel good...why not have at it? It isn't some gateway drug unless being too relaxed is a problem.
I should note it is legal for me in Canada now, so that makes things much easier. It is good medicine as far as I can tell.


8/4/2019 5:31 AM



8/4/2019 6:02 AM
Edited Date/Time: 8/4/2019 6:05 AM

I’m using CryoGel roll on 500mg CBD for my rotator cup shoulder surgery and am getting relief. Nothing else has worked for me and I’ve tried all kinds of topical rubs. It isn’t cheap. $60.00 a bottle. One bottle lasted me a month using it 3-4x day. Zero THC.

I’m just glad it’s working for me b/c I see not all y’all are getting the same results.


8/4/2019 8:30 AM

Jared, I have tried a few different brands and yeah some work some don’t. I have had the most success with the Medterra brand since my accident. Helps with pain, not fully but definately takes the edge off and is better than taking Aleve every day, also helps with the anxiety of stressing over it everyday. Wife says I snore like a dragon now though. Ha! Hope that it can provide some relief for your wife. Good luck man!


8/4/2019 8:51 AM

I use it for arthritic pain in my knees, however, it takes a few weeks of usage for me to notice the pain relief.

Quick back story: I originally got the CBD oil for my 11 y/o golden retriever because she struggles with hip pain. After 1 month of her taking it I had to cut her off because she was acting like a puppy again and I was afraid she’d hurt herself. Her reaction to CBD was about as unbiased as they come so I thought I’d try it. Since then we give her smaller doses so she’s not balls to the wall and acting closer to her age (but with less hip pain).

I really was/am skeptical about CBD being effective. After my original bottle ran out I quit taking it - 2 weeks later my knee pain came back so I bought another bottle and have been back on it. If it’s a placebo effect I’m ok with it because I’m no longer living on Ibuprofen to live a relatively pain free existence. Not sure I notice any other effects (like the calming effect some people claim to feel).

One bit of advice I would give is the clearer the oil the more effective it seems to be and the better it seems to taste. But that’s just my opinion based on the 3 bottles I have tried.