AMA is sucking.... ruining the sport.

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4/25/2007 8:34 PM

The ama is messing motocross up. when i was growing up, ( the mcgrath era) they completed the races in the rain and none of this o the tracks are too messed up so were goin to shorten the mains. Also the 350 stuff is bs because when stewart was on a 125 he was setting lap times 1 sec slower than rc. you downsize the bike the faster they go. read the article in racer x.(ryan huges vs that other guy). The 450s arent that bad anyway, they have just learned how to ride them really fast, leave em alone there not wimps. Sound isnt even that bad from 4-stokes its just really bassey 2-strokes have a ping that out of this world. also they need to bring back the day qualifiers we need more racing and not just a highligted show when your there at the stadium they also need to bring back the semis..TELL STEVE WHITLOCK WERE NOT F@#$%^ NASCAR. Let them race angry w00t


4/25/2007 8:48 PM

It's not so much that the 450s are faster, they are much faster, but it is the tracks, that are getting faster.

here...I took this from Motocross action magazine. I know it is a long read, but it is a good read, and everyone who reads this, will understand.

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The major problem with the AMA