AC92 in the booth appreciation thread

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7/8/2018 7:21 AM
Edited Date/Time: 7/8/2018 7:26 AM

I know it was mentioned in the race discussion but man, Adam is great in the booth. He's intelligent, well spoken and seems completely comfortable unlike a few other riders we have heard in the booth. Dunge comes to mind. No offense to the Champ. You can't be great at everything! smile

I thought he was a great addition. Props to the whole broadcast team for bringing AC in.

Great job, Adam. You definitely have a future in broadcasting after your racing career is done, which hopefully is a long way off.


7/8/2018 7:36 AM



7/8/2018 8:25 AM

He was really good


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7/8/2018 8:27 AM

He did a great job announcing.


7/8/2018 9:01 AM

He was great and very fair considering his team was sprawling around on the ground everywhere.

He is a really likeable guy.


7/8/2018 9:31 AM

he did great. weege went too buddy bro with him. having said that they are the best booth going. I love when gl gets into it. just keep will from telling us how riders feel .dig into bike changes or something. everyone knows the answer to how will you keep this up or fix this? same answers every time. she is doing very well. she seems to ask more about racing rather than feelings.


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7/8/2018 9:51 AM

Good kid, nice to hear current racer's point of view along with Langston's point of view.


7/8/2018 10:20 AM
Edited Date/Time: 7/8/2018 10:21 AM

AC has been in the spotlight since riding 50's and coached on how to speak in public. More importantly he is very intelligent and has a ton of charisma, this shows up every time he is on camera. I have been a fan for a long time and agree that he has a future in broadcasting after winning a few championships.


7/8/2018 10:22 AM

He did great


7/8/2018 11:17 AM

He does a great job in there. Wish he could help finish out the remainder of the season with GL & Weege. I walked into AC while entering yesterday. Had a little chat. Super nice


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7/8/2018 11:26 AM

I really enjoyed his commenting on how some pros think and react to situations. Keep him in the booth and on the track both!


7/8/2018 12:06 PM

That boy definitely has the gift of gab. Quick witted, knows his stuff and how to toss the conversation around. Most of all he's likable. Good job AC.


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7/8/2018 2:25 PM

The sport desperately NEEDS him to win a championship. Preferably on a big bike.

That's the kind of person (like Dungey was) that can up the level of coverage and move it forward.


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7/8/2018 3:33 PM

He's great, and made a nice addition to Weege and Langston.


7/8/2018 3:54 PM

He’s great on the mike.
He’s the Jonny Weir of motocross in the booth


7/8/2018 3:57 PM

smoothies862 wrote:

he did great. weege went too buddy bro with him. having said that they are the best booth going. I love when gl gets into it. ...more

Gotta disagree about Will. I like that she asks good questions regarding how they feel. I had no idea AP23 struggled mentally when trying to come through the pack


7/10/2018 3:10 PM

I like Weege & GL but AC was great too especially first stab at it. A natural.

I just hope he gets healthy and stays on the bike and out of the booth! Rather see him Rippin!


7/10/2018 3:47 PM
Edited Date/Time: 7/10/2018 3:48 PM

He slows down the comentary, has a monotone voice and needs a few megamonsters or a cattle prod. Damn near put me to sleep. So I ignored the yappin. I like him as a person just needs coachin up on the boob tube stuff.

He'll get better... oooops was this an ass kissing thread ... sorry.