A2 Triple Crown Race

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1/15/2018 6:22 AM

From what I remember wasn’t A2 the first of the 3 main formats? Do they only take the top 22 in points for these races or do they still have qualifing practices. I’m sure Tomac is outside of the top 22.


1/15/2018 6:27 AM

There will be qualifying during the day.


1/15/2018 6:34 AM

^^yup, qualifying during the day including the LCQ race. Anyone know if Race Day Live will be showing coverage of the LCQs??


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1/15/2018 6:39 AM
Edited Date/Time: 1/15/2018 6:40 AM

So Tomac and Musquin, could try and suffer through time practice to get a fast lap in, and then sit out for night event. Would save them 1 or 2 points. Maybe more for Musquin, Tomac is so far off. But still.

Bet feld did not think about that. For regular events, you need to go through at least time qualification, heat race and lcq to get a point.

Should have made x laps in minimum 1 main mandatory for points.