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RandyS RandyS
12/8/2017 9:17 PM

What is after the finish line?


30 days until A1. Are you ready for @monsterenergy Supercross? ? #DropTheGate #SXonFOX #SupercrossLIVE #MonsterEnergy

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CarlinoJoeVideo CarlinoJoeVideo
12/8/2017 9:20 PM

Announcers tower.

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mattyhamz2 mattyhamz2
12/8/2017 9:21 PM

Looks like a turning double to me

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ledger ledger
12/8/2017 9:23 PM

I'm guessing a clown will pop up after the win. Honestly, I have no idea.

There's something happening here, what it is ain't exactly clear.

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RandyS RandyS
12/8/2017 9:24 PM

Now that I posted it here and can see it bigger it's just the podium, I thought they had some funky tire looking safety double.

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fullfloater fullfloater
12/8/2017 9:30 PM
ledger wrote:

I'm guessing a clown will ...more


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MX Guy MX Guy
12/8/2017 9:52 PM


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jorgechavez jorgechavez
12/8/2017 10:03 PM

Do you mean the thing just beside the finish line jump? If so I believe that is the managers tower.

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JMR1976 JMR1976
12/8/2017 10:05 PM

I’m so confused.

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JMR1976 JMR1976
12/8/2017 10:06 PM

It is the scoring tower. It tells you who is in the lead?

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dirtmike86 dirtmike86
12/8/2017 10:35 PM

I thought trey canard told them not to put those manager's towers right there?

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RandyS RandyS
12/8/2017 10:41 PM

Podium, tower, whatever it is I was looking on my phone and it looked like it spanned the two jumps. When it's enlarged it's obvious it's in front of the track.

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oldblood oldblood
12/8/2017 10:45 PM

A buddy of mine told me that at the finish of the sx main a bunch of monster energy girls are going to pop out like the girls out of a cake back in the day.

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FIREfish148 FIREfish148
12/9/2017 3:53 AM

It's the shart tank.

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Drtbykr Drtbykr
12/9/2017 4:16 AM

It would take me 8 minutes to roll the rhythm section. It looks long and cumbersome.

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lumpy790 lumpy790
12/9/2017 4:53 AM

Pitchers mound?

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MattyVicious MattyVicious
12/9/2017 4:54 AM
RandyS wrote:

What is after the finish ...more

The podium

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Jamal#440 Jamal#440
12/9/2017 6:51 AM

That shoots outs out 3 green claw-mark looking fireworks in honor of the sponsor.

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Dirty Points Dirty Points
12/9/2017 7:20 AM

Are you referring to
That or That?

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Idp57 Idp57
12/9/2017 7:26 AM

Menagers/teams tower.Just weird angle,its look like its betwin jumps but actually its next to them.

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kkawboy14 kkawboy14
12/9/2017 7:31 AM

A bridge so RonnieMac doesn’t auger into the double landing off the finish line jump

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flatout111 flatout111
12/9/2017 7:35 AM

StankDawg will pop out with a chainsaw! smile

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Flip109 Flip109
12/9/2017 7:36 AM

I think it’s a PED!

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