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4/10/2010 2:04 PM

I was putting new wheel bearings in the KDX 80 today. I got done and had Joey come over to see if he was big enough for it yet. It was a little tall for him so I softened the shock and dropped the forks an inch. Had him get on it again, he fit it pretty well. I asked him if wanted to learn how to use the clutch, he was a little apprehensive. I hopped on the back of it with him and I showed him how to take off and feather the clutch. We did it a few times, and I let him try it by himself. 3 hours of ripping up the back yard ensued. He got it quick, was shifting and practicing starts within a few minutes. After he got done I made him plant grass everywhere he ripped it up. Looks like I get my KLX110 back. It amazes me how quickly the bike stuff comes to him. It took me quite some time to dial in the clutch when I first started.



4/10/2010 2:08 PM

sweet! and its a Kawasaki!


02 PW80 8) #N8 [LINK TO IMAGE]

4/10/2010 2:11 PM

Seems like just yesterday he was killing the pro class on his Quad.

Congratulations Joey. I will never forget the day I learned a clutch bike.


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4/10/2010 2:28 PM

Cool. It was almost 28 years ago to the date that I first got my first bike, a brand new 1982
KDX 80. I was 9 years old and had 6 acres to rip on everyday after school, I thought I was in Heaven. I remember my old mare, and my dad's paint didn't care much for sharing the pasture with that thing though,lol.


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4/10/2010 3:32 PM

Nice work Joey!cool


4/10/2010 3:42 PM



I ripped a start from Egypt and I was happy about that.

4/10/2010 3:47 PM

Good job!w00t


Are we gonna ride or are we gonna mess around all day?

4/10/2010 3:52 PM

Very cool!!


Yeah,I mix my gas. It's cheaper in the long run!

4/10/2010 4:03 PM

Tripple Sweet guys! My older 2 boys are at that same stage with a KX60 (blaspamy in our YAMAHA household) and my younger two are getting their feet wet on the PW50.

Make sure to get lots of video. It will never be like this for you again! wink


4/10/2010 4:19 PM

Good show Chap. It might help him if you raised the clutch a tad. Looks how I rode at that age. cool


4/10/2010 8:47 PM

87' model? Reminds me of my 87' KX60. Man that thing was such a beast compared to my YZinger 50. lol


4/10/2010 8:50 PM

big deal...i rode a clutch at his age, well actually "looped" a clutch might be more like it. smile

good job dad.


4/10/2010 9:04 PM



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4/10/2010 9:22 PM

I thought his Big Wheel had a clutch.


4/10/2010 9:45 PM

GuyB wrote:

I thought his Big Wheel had a clutch.

BW80's are just PW80's with balloon tires, 3spd, auto clutch.

Cool job, Dad.

That picture reminds me of a friend that had an older KDX80 in grammar school. I was teaching him how to spin doughnuts in his backyard- he ended up hooking up and wheeling through their wooden fence.


4/10/2010 10:52 PM

JB 19 wrote:

87' model? Reminds me of my 87' KX60. Man that thing was such a beast compared to my YZinger 50. lol

the KX60 is still one of the most intimidating bikes i've ever ridden


why am I reading this? ..... Oh christ, now I'm posting...... shiiiiiiiit!!

4/10/2010 11:55 PM
Edited Date/Time: 4/10/2010 11:55 PM

thats a dandy i'll tell ya what. If i could get my son bobby on a bike, i'd probably be so happy i wouldn't have to drink anymore of that alamo beer. Smile


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4/11/2010 12:02 AM

Awesome Adolpho!....He certainly looks big enough to put both feet on the ground ....looking at his size, the bike in it's stock config looks to fit him perfectly but I cannot see what you saw............. Either way its cool to see a documented vital member's kid learning to ride and hopefully we'll see him on the line at the pro's.

Great post Adolpho! They are few and far between these days lol


4/11/2010 2:39 AM

1987, my wife's uncle gave it to us last year. Airbox had a mouse nest in it. I re-chromed the cylinder, new piston, rings and wheels. Solid bike. It is his now.


4/11/2010 11:04 AM

These little bikes are rockets. Doesnt the KDX 80 have an older model KX 80 engine? Great job Alphado!!!



4/11/2010 11:10 AM

very cool great job Dad,


4/11/2010 11:30 AM

There are infinite variations on barrell-turn, figure-8, braking drills, and practice starts.

This is the time when they kids can do these fundamental skill-builders for hours on end.

Now is the time when you don't need a real track, just a little space and a little of your time.

Now, while it's all so cool and new, is the time to learn how it feels to weight the wrong footpeg, to sit down when you should be standing, and how much front brake you can use before you discover the phrase "oh shit".

Enjoy it while you still have a chance to keep it all grins and accomplishments. It makes the next step so much more positive.

Good for y'all, dudes. I really like this thread.


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4/12/2010 3:37 AM

We don't race anymore, just ride. Is it ok to just let him ride the KDX, or do I need to get him a 65? I don't want to be a "bad" father.


4/12/2010 5:10 AM

I switched my daughter to a kx65 mid year last season, she was to old for the 50 class but the track I work at we just let her ride around for no points, she finally got the clutch down, and then this winter she grew 4 inches and I bought her an 85. So tomorrow I am going to take her out and give that a try.