A branch of the Sport that has a truly 'packed' season of Racing

10/18/2017 6:15pm
Here's an article about Jason Doyle's journey to, hopefully, a World Speedway GP Championship:


I'll be down in Melbourne to see how things go for him - last year he missed out in the last round there, with a very nasty prang.

Even the highest level riders fit well into 'Privateer' status. Their race schedule is incredibly packed, and their travel commitments and bike 'stables' represent an enormous amount of money. Speedway bikes may be regarded as basic, but they are not cheap, at all.

I've got to Speedway GPs and many League matches in England, Scandinavia, and Poland over the years. The article is not wrong in how big Speedway is in Poland. Things can get pretty intense between rival team supporters, but, thankfully, nothing as bad as their Football. Just to see it for myself, I went to a Soccer game a few years ago with some friends whilst in Poland, and it was a bloody War Zone. I absolutely kid you not. Fearful, Fearful stuff. Utter insanity.

The Old Man, Hancock, is out. I really look forward to see him racing again, hopefully next year.

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