ISO '97 KROC and '98 Red Bud Photographers

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1/2/2019 3:31 PM

I have a #1 Carmichael jersey from the '97 Kawasaki race of Champions. The only picture I find online he's wearing a black jersey but this one is white. Curious if he actually raced in it or not.

I have a race worn jersey from Doug Henry from the 1998 outdoor season. The 2 fox victory patches means it was from Red Bud or later. Im from Michigan and was at Red Bud that weekend so I'd love to know if it was from that race or not.

If there are any photographers that have pictures from those races I'd love to see them! The Henry is missing the cuffs if that helps at all.

Thanks to anyone who can help out.


1/2/2019 6:47 PM

Post pics


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1/3/2019 6:20 AM