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es337 es337
3/21/2018 11:45 AM

92 riders entered for the emx race in the gps yet deathcross cant fill a 22 man gate. #bringontheoutdoors #realracing

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jorgechavez jorgechavez
3/21/2018 11:47 AM

When has deathcross not filled a 22 man gate? wassat

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mx317 mx317
3/21/2018 11:49 AM
es337 wrote:

92 riders entered for the ...more

Never go full retard!

Take it to the limit, one more time!

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Johnny Ringo Johnny Ringo
3/21/2018 11:54 AM

Fake news

Alright Lunger, Let's Do It

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Donovan759 Donovan759
3/21/2018 11:56 AM
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TeamGreen TeamGreen
3/21/2018 12:39 PM

Do y’all ever get tired of posting this same d shit?

Nobody ever told me, I found out for myself. You've got to believe in foolish miracles. It's not how you play the game, it's if you win or lose. You can choose. Don't confuse. Win or lose. It's up to you!

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yz133rider yz133rider
3/21/2018 1:21 PM

Im personally glad to see some negative reactions and comments towards sx. It could be an amazing sport but right now its far too dangerous to be any good.
Rules need to be put in place, designs need tweaks, and logic needs to be involved. No more stubborn big ego bull shit about its sx its dangerous take up golf.

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vschaik141 vschaik141
3/21/2018 1:31 PM


However super excited to see the emx250 class in action for the first time this year, always great racing in there with IMO over 20 riders that could podium a moto. A couple of former GP riders I seen on the entry list. idk how some of these riders have progressed this winter.

my favs would be.
Mikkel haarup
Gianluca Facchetti
Roan van de Moosdijk
Josiah natzke ???
Mathys Boisrame
Tristan Charboneau
Alberto Forato
maybe Pierre Gouppilon
former emx champion steven Clarke
Edit: Almost left 2017 emx125 champion Brian moreau

also see Jett Lawrence on there not sure how he matches up speed wise?
James Dunn on a 2 stroke again?
so many more riders that can do great some might not even score points they are all so close in speed which makes this class so exciting. And seeing young riders progress over the season.

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philG philG
3/21/2018 1:31 PM

As soon as the first GP comes, im over Supercross. Bring on the Nationals.

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Uncle Tony Uncle Tony
3/21/2018 1:41 PM
philG wrote:

As soon as the first GP ...more

It's Daytona for me that's the only SX I watch, its the GP's and U.S. National's I like

If you like uncle tony's meatballs, you'll love his sausage

Now that's Italian

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GuyB GuyB
3/21/2018 1:42 PM

Deathcross, huh?

You know how I know this was going straight to the dumbgeon?

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yz133rider yz133rider
3/21/2018 1:49 PM
GuyB wrote:

Deathcross, huh?

You know ...more

You know a pro supercross rider calls it that Right? Factory rider? Because of how out of control dangerous its become.

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SmokinJoe439 SmokinJoe439
3/21/2018 1:51 PM

So when did this trend of hating on sx started? Not like gp's are ALL that either.

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Uncle Tony Uncle Tony
3/21/2018 2:00 PM

I can't see how this ended up here? I think this post had more to do with 92 entries in EMX250 than hating on supercross?

I don't hate SX, but I'm really not interested, I do go on the results page on Sunday to see who won, thatnks guyB and ML

If you like uncle tony's meatballs, you'll love his sausage

Now that's Italian

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