450 only tracks?

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2/24/2011 8:44 PM

Any thoughts on if there should be combinations/obstacles/jumps that only the "premier" class are capable of like it was with the two stroke era?


2/24/2011 9:26 PM

You mean like this this obstacle?



2/24/2011 9:34 PM

that pic pretty much sums it up. Next thread please


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2/24/2011 9:39 PM

Sweet picture is that bubba ?

larocco's leap ?


2/24/2011 9:52 PM

That's pretty much the sickest pic in all of MX. Stewart, KX125, Larrocco's leap, 2002.

Stick that in your pipe and smoke it.


2/25/2011 8:21 AM

No because then someone in the lites would try to do it and then theres more injured riders.


2/25/2011 8:47 AM

arent there already lines that only the top few 450 guys are doing?


2/25/2011 8:50 AM

so your saying that a PC bike could not do anything a 450 could?

you should retitle your thread... JS7 only jumps! He rode A2 like a video game!!


2/25/2011 11:15 AM

Would that make for better racing or do you just go to races to see people wad it up?