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1/17/2022 5:02 PM
Edited Date/Time: 1/17/2022 5:03 PM

Who has the best bike so far? Who’s setup looks dialed in?

Who has the best setup out there so far?

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1/17/2022 5:25 PM

Even tho I’m a die hard Yamaha guy I gotta say those Kawi’s look awesome. Kinda partial to my 2000 KX 65 I had growing up. Too much black on the Yamahas for me


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1/17/2022 5:40 PM



1/17/2022 5:42 PM
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Honda is looking pretty damn good with Roczen/Sexton speed.

Tomac had best qualifying time in Oakland so the Yamahas are looking good too.


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1/17/2022 6:57 PM

250, 450, or both?


1/17/2022 7:07 PM

Kawasaki are the best looking to me by a good bit followed by gasgas and Yamaha rounding out the podium. With that said some privateer teams make bikes look better than the factories minus Kawasaki.


1/17/2022 7:58 PM

I know JB51 is a pretty loose rider but his bike looks dialed to me!


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1/17/2022 8:01 PM

Kawasaki and PC


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1/18/2022 9:50 AM

450s Kawi easy.. most of the brands have too stiff of a shock.. better the second race for most brands .. they all went softer it looks like on the shock, but the 250s yami but kawi is close.


1/18/2022 10:18 AM

All I'm gonna say is I've never seen A Mart look comfortable in the whoops... And he looks great in them on the Club 450!


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1/18/2022 1:29 PM

I was more thinking about the factory guys but I agree! A Marts 450 looks good! In off season it looked horrible but they turned it around, happy to see it working good for him now smile


1/18/2022 2:14 PM

Either Kawi found something or ac and ja21 are just dialed. First few laps for ac looks good and ja looks good the whole race. Yamaha does not look good


1/18/2022 2:15 PM

Eli was fighting the bike through the whoops on both tracks


1/18/2022 2:40 PM

Gotta be the Kawis?!

Anderson has been on pace both races so far, if not for Barcias silly take out we’d be looking at the red plate on the front of that bike right now. And AC is showing fantastic speed whilst he can hold on.

The Hondas looked great at A1, not so great in Oakland.


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1/18/2022 2:50 PM

This poll seems more like a popularity contest. Honda leads, but their two riders have been on the ground three times in the first two main events. Kenny also had the whoop crash in practice at Oakland. The bikes don't look bad, but they don't look the best. I'd say AC and Anderson look the best out there at the moment. Starts have been good and the bikes appear to be handling well and predictable. Doesn't seem to be many if any handling woes for the new KTM's either.


1/18/2022 3:44 PM

Why is qualifying a good indicator?
Isn’t that when the track conditions are easiest to ride


3/20/2022 11:25 AM
Edited Date/Time: 3/20/2022 11:25 AM

Wow Yamaha killing it!