250 2T vs 250F vs350F?

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11/29/2017 8:17 PM

I'm getting the itch for a more modern bike, but uncertain of what I would like. I currently ride an 03 CR250 because I love 2 smokes, it's what I started on way back. My last race bike was an 03 CRF 450, I got rid of it in 06 and haven't ridden a 4T since. I don't want another 450, I know that much. The 450 took a lot of the fun out of the riding for me, it was just too much bike.
I love the power of the 250 2T, but would like the torque of a 4T and would like a more modern bike. How does the power of what I currently ride compare to a modern 250F or 350F?
For reference, I'm a Vet C level rider and 215lbs. I don't race anymore and if I do, it will be a one off thing.
I've also been on Honda's since I was 7, I had 1 stint with the Aprilia supermoto, everything else has been Honda. So I'd really like to try something else. I'm very intrigued by the KTM and Husky, however I really don't want air forks. What's your thoughts and suggestions?


11/29/2017 8:33 PM

In all of my riding...a 350 seems to be the cheapest of all of those bikes to own.


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11/29/2017 8:53 PM

350. They're pretty fucking good.


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11/29/2017 9:10 PM

You need to try a modern 250f and decide if you’d trade a little agility for a lot more power. Personally I find 250f’s have enough. I’d rather have a superior handling bike than a faster engine.


11/29/2017 9:16 PM

Get a husktm 250, or 300 2-stroke.


11/29/2017 9:36 PM

I have owned all 3 models and all KTM's in the past year. My 250 is a 270 w some head work from Derek Harris, RnD throttle body and vortex ignition. And I think I may end up liking this bike more than the 2017 350 I had over the summer mostly because I think it handles a touch better.

But imo the 350 is the easy choice to make and just go ride. They are pretty damn good bikes and will give you all of the tech upgrade you sound like you are in market for.


11/29/2017 11:31 PM

I had a 350 sxf 16 and it was very powerfull. You would be surprised how much more horsepower is makes compared to a 250f. It was a little to much for me because the low end is very comparable to a 250f but the mid to top is absolutly outstanting. You have to rev the bike to have power, the powerband is the same as a 250f, never shift and it rewards you.The handling is similar to a 250f with a little bit more intertia.

I would go for a 250f it has plenty of power especially the new generation KTM 250 sxf.

Never had the opportunity to test ride a KTM 250 sx 2017-18. I guess it is a little monster but all the tests say that the power comes on very smoothly (for a 250 2 stroke) until you hit the monster mid-range.
I think you can't go wrong with either of these bikes.


11/29/2017 11:36 PM
Edited Date/Time: 11/29/2017 11:59 PM

If you are just fun riding I would stick with 2T. I just dont see any upside to 4T for non racers.

I went from a 125 to a new KX250F. Two laps on the 250F and I knew I made a mistake. Total snooze fest. Reminded me of my old XR400. You have to ride it different and also takes some fun out. No smoke, no powerband, not much shifting, no dumping the clutch and blasting berms. Its all just "too easy". You just pick a gear, twist the throttle and go.

If I was racing at a high level, yeah 4T for sure. For fun or low level racing....2T.


11/30/2017 1:27 AM

Don't sell the 250 2 stroke short. It can be extremely competitive in any class. Especially these newer ones. 2 stroke power but a nice mix between a 250F and a 350F.


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11/30/2017 1:40 AM

If you want torque but like smokers, try a 300XC.


11/30/2017 4:12 AM

The 350 is an amazing bike. I would say ride one before you make a decision. I am having more fin on my 350 than i ever did on a 450. 250Fs felt like they were taking a beating when I rode one and unwanted more power. It will be very difficult for me to move away from the 350. Just my humble opinion. Just happens to be shared by a whole lot of people.


11/30/2017 4:47 AM

Kind of addicted to KTM. But I'm torn between 350 & 300's. After my most reason purchase my new 2018 350sxf is so unbelievable I don't see myself going back to 2 strokes. But with that being said I will be purchasing a 2 stroke to have in the garage and just won't be my main race bike . Photo



11/30/2017 5:45 AM

I have had every size of big bike and currently have a 12 350sxf (first KTM). I love it and its not even the lighter much faster version like the new ones. I had a very nice YZ250 before I got the 350 and it was fun to ride but even though I was having fun I still felt like I was pushing it to go the speeds I wanted. With a 4T I feel so much smoother. The 350 should work out great for me next year in 30B. I know a guy here in Illinois that is +40 but still rides 25A and battles for first on a new 350 so don't let guys who say they aren't for serious racers scare you.


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11/30/2017 6:39 AM

the 350 is awesome but I did go back to a 450 recently and like it a little better . Mostly because I'm more of a lugger (aka slow )


11/30/2017 7:26 AM
Edited Date/Time: 11/30/2017 10:09 PM

350 hands down but make sure its at least a 16+ for the motor


11/30/2017 7:33 AM

I have a 250F now love the bike.(don't plan on selling that bike, but would like to go efi etc. Had the bike for 8 years) I went from a 04 KTM 125 to the 09 KX I have had now.

I have done a few demo days on the 350F and really like that bike. Going to pick one up in the middle of 2018. I don't need all the extra weight/power that a 450 has and really what is 3 extra hp.

Look for a local demo day, this time of year KTM is going a lot of them. Then you can ride the new bikes and see what you like. Personally, I don't like riding friends bikes. Just don't want to risk crashing or breaking something on the bike that is not mine.

The 09 I have now when stock was only 32 hp, the new 350s are making in the low 50's. So it is a big jump for me and just the right amount of power for the local southern California tracks.


11/30/2017 8:14 AM

16 350sxf here, also the same level vet c, 200lbs, bike is perfect never will go with anything else, it's a hole shot machine, doesn't wear you out, It has the 4cs forks on it and actually really like them (again I'm a vet novice) not nearly as bad as people make them out to be


11/30/2017 2:29 PM

I have a ‘15 350 and the power hits the sweet spot for me. It’s like a REALLY smoooth 250 2stroke in terms of the amount of power, but the rear wheel doesn’t break traction like a 2T (not as readily anyway).

I don’t ride 250Fs hard enough to make them go fast, and 450s wear me out too quickly.


11/30/2017 2:55 PM
Edited Date/Time: 11/30/2017 2:57 PM

I have all three, and the my 17 KTM 350 gets ridden more than any other bike, because it is manageable for my old ass, and has the 450 horsepower up top when I want it.

In regards to the AER forks on the KTM / Husky, they are excellent, don't let anyone else tell you otherwise.


11/30/2017 9:47 PM

Pgd09yz450 wrote:

16 350sxf here, also the same level vet c, 200lbs, bike is perfect never will go with anything else, it's a hole shot machine, ...more

Iam gunna have to disagree. If you get a 16 throw the forks away unless you seriously hate your wrists.


12/1/2017 5:08 AM

After riding a 350 for a few laps without a doubt its the only 4 stroke I would consider if I were getting a new bike.

That being said the TC250 looks bitchen.


12/1/2017 12:13 PM

Thanks for all the input, sounds like the 350 is the real deal. It'll likely be spring before I get serious shopping around. Now I need to catch a demo day so I can get a couple laps on one.


12/1/2017 1:18 PM

I was always a two stroke guy and then went to a 250f and never really liked the for stroke thing. After a long time of no bike I went back to a new KTM 250 2 stoke. Way more fun to ride than a 4 stoke and plenty of power everywhere.

This is also my first bike with air forks. Super simple to setup and its been really nice to be able to adjust the pressures and see how it makes things feel.


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12/1/2017 1:26 PM

I'm dealing with this issue currently too... I rode the 250 2 stroke I built up yesterday in the mtn's near George Town - CA.
It's a 2006 YZ250 2 stroke motor in a RMZ250 chassis (08 chassis). 13 oz fly wheel, decked cyllinder for low end grunt. IT's fun.... but it was a bit slick out and the guy I was with was on a 16 KTM350XCF. He was having a easier time...

I also have a CRF250, 2008, CNC ported head, 276 IceCube kit, vertex ignition, etc... that bike is a TON of fun but really hard to start. I think I'm faster on it then on the 250 2 stroke. The 2 stroke, with the power delivery, likes to brake traction when you get aggressive. I'll tell you though that YZ motor with the decked cylinder can crawl up steep hills... It's like a trials bike. But, it's power delivery is just not as smooth. It doesn't stay planted like the 4 strokes.

So, thinking about dumping both and grabbing a KTm350XCF.


12/1/2017 2:07 PM

I can tell you I bought a brand new 2011 KTM 250SX in the fall of 2010. I would guess I rode it maybe 400 hours and in that timeframe, the only thing I've done maintenance wise is pulled the jug and put new rings in it. I didn't even scuff the cylinder. The bike made 180 psi and ran great, but for the $50 cost I figured it was worth it. Plus I went with a little thinner base gasket and it made 195 psi.

I did also rebuild the forks once with new bushings and seals. Otherwise, I have the same clutch, same inner tubes, same reeds, same jets aside from clip and a/s adjustments. I've gone though brake pads, sprockets/chain, several sets of tires and air filters, etc... but cost of riding it has been really cheap. Its been great on plugs too...probably gone through 10 of em in its entire life if that. I've spent far more time on seats, pegs, bars and getting the ergonomics dialed.

If I could do it all over again, I would choose the 250 two stroke again. Its simple, light, lugs great, and can't argue with the power/torque.