22 yz450s throwing rods?

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5/19/2022 9:35 AM

Jeremy Macduff wrote:

My father taught me to respect tools and machinery and to treat them with the care and dignity they deserve.

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I think you're confusing respecting tools and machines so they serve you well (and help longevity) with feelings. That machine doesn't care that you blew up the engine after it won a race or series. I agree with you that I wouldn't do it, but it's because I want my stuff to last and not be clapped out. They replace parts constantly and do not resell so components are useless at that point whether you blow them up or not.


5/19/2022 2:00 PM

Motodave15 wrote:

There 250fs are throwing rods.

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watson90 wrote:

That was a water pump failure not a rod on their 250

CPR wrote:

Definitely an electrical problem

That sounds like how Kawasaki deflected the issue with Anderson at San Diego. Bike almost blows up during race. Asking Kawi what happened: "um no problems...just ah the radiator cap came loose" Then why did he roll half the jumps?


I'm just here to stir sh#t up...

5/19/2022 5:22 PM

It’s not what I would call a common failure…but it’s also not uncommon


RPM Performance

5/22/2022 7:41 AM

You might actually say it's a testament to how tuff the engines are. The radiator hoses melt and blow before the engine died.