2019 KX 450F Clutch Squeal

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11/16/2018 8:43 PM

Bike is fairly new. Less than 5 hours. I noticed today while idling back to the truck an annoying squeal coming from the engine. It could have been present while doing my moto, but was drowned out by the engine noise. Anyway, I pulled the clutch lever in and out a few times and then it went away. My buddies 16 KX did this I remember. He then sold his bike, so I really don’t know of the long term outcome. I’m running Rotella for oil. I’ve used this the last 20 years. However I’ve heard recently their oil has changed. I’ve heard it has something to do with the length of the pushrod that goes from the clutch actuator side to the basket side. Anyway I’ll change the oil in the morning and look for metal. Also I’ll try a different oil, in case the new blend of Rotella could have synthetics causing the squeal, although I doubt it. Any input is appreciated. Thanks!!!


11/16/2018 8:48 PM

It's the pushrod, it doesn't really do anything just annoying. Pretty sure the trick is a little more oil. My 16 did it and I've heard my 19 do it as well.


11/16/2018 9:40 PM

Add a little more oil. And file the ends flat on the pushrod so more oil gets through. Same issue on my 16 and that cured it, it’s a common kawi issue.


11/16/2018 10:03 PM

It’s common, all the media 19s have done it. Use the suggestions from above.


11/17/2018 6:37 AM

Thanks for everyone’s input!!! Sounds like a non issue. I’ll do the steps above.


11/17/2018 8:20 AM

Pretty sure this was a thing with the 16-18s, just need more oil.