2018 Supercross Video Pass

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12/11/2017 1:40 AM

Guys, anyone had a problem purchasing their season video pass?
I've tried 4 times on the Supercrosslive website to no avail.



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12/11/2017 5:33 AM

No idea, I got mine before MEC with discount and it worked then. If I remember correctly I tried to buy it on my phone but it wouldn't go through and I did it on pc and it worked


12/11/2017 5:35 AM

I also bought it before MEC. It only worked on chrome. Firefox would give an error


12/11/2017 7:04 AM

I missed this announcement. Is this similar to NBC gold for the nationals?


12/11/2017 7:46 AM

kyle43mx wrote:

I missed this announcement. Is this similar to NBC gold for the nationals?

Yeah same here. Was this available last year? How was the quality? Feedback?


12/11/2017 7:57 AM

No more FS1?


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12/11/2017 8:32 AM

Not available in the US. Still on FS1, FS2, and Fox in the US


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12/11/2017 9:13 AM

Wow, that site looked really unsafe... Anyone know if it´s limited to some countries, like last year? There is no information about this anywhere on their site


12/11/2017 11:56 AM
Edited Date/Time: 12/11/2017 11:57 AM

Another thing is that it uses Adobe Flash Player to play the stream unfortunately so you can’t watch the races on your ps4 or tv browser, just on your pc/smartphone


12/31/2017 7:22 PM

Hello guys,

So after multiple attempts on different devices - iPhone, Mac, Windows, iPad, juggling between credit and debit cards (different banks, different issuers), including PayPal (they ask for extra $10 if you chose to pay by PayPal), and setting up 2 new accounts - I STILL CAN'T BUY the damn pass.

The Cleeng helpdesk is somewhat helpful, but now Maria, Nathalie and I are running in circles with suggestions like "clean your cache and cookies" and "sign up from different device".

I don't have more devices, and if I have to I will clean up the damn thing with a pressure washer.

Has anyone experienced similar problem?

Thanks for help guys!


Do one thing everyday that scares you

12/31/2017 9:10 PM

Hi and happy new year
Today buy video pass
Total price include taxes is 149 euro (from Greece ) pay-pal pay
Safari (iMac) and google chrome (pc windows 10) works perfect but not works in Mozilla
1 2018 SEASON VIDEO PASS | Includes 2017 MEC + 240hrs of VoD! EUR 111.10 24% EUR 26.66 EUR 137.76
2 Τέλος τρόπου πληρωμής EUR 8.89 24% EUR 2.13 EUR 11.02
ΣΥΝΟΛΟ EUR 119.99 24% EUR 28.79 EUR 148.78


12/31/2017 9:55 PM

Any Aussies know if this is trouble free?


Cheers, Crush

12/31/2017 10:07 PM

I had no problems signing up for either the 2017 and 2018 season.

I just hope the quality of the streaming is a damned sight better this year than 2017.

At times, it was dreadful, and it sure as hell had nothing to do with my Internet hook up or 'puter. Everything else I stream / view, I get in very High Def.

It's also piss poor that events are not archived, and, I think, still, you've only got 2 weeks to watch each event, and you are cut off sometime in June / July.