2018 Race Tech MXSEMF NA Nationals sanctioned by rF Gaming begin in 1 week! (MX Simulator)

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5/9/2018 3:39 PM
Edited Date/Time: 5/9/2018 3:41 PM

Before I begin, this is not intended to become an MX Simulator vs {insert game here} debate topic, just promoting the series with hopes of reaching a new audience.

Okay, now that I got that out of the way... I'm sure there's a lot of you on this forum that have played MXS before, and some of you might even enjoy watching the live streams even if you don't play it, so I'm here to remind you guys to tune in on Wednesday nights at 8:30pm EST at www.twitch.tv/startyoursystemstv because the racing is going to be better than ever this year! I'm not sponsored by startyoursystemstv nor affiliated with them, just a fan of racing and a fan of MX Simulator so I'm going to promote both of them. Yes, the graphics aren't up to par with other games, but the difficulty rewards those who put in the required time to master it. I think with the backing of you guys watching every Wednesday night, it can give the game that extra bit of support to motivate its players to keep coming back and competing week-in-week-out with high views on the stream, plus the boys at SYS work their tails off to provide quality videos for us.

Onto me promoting the series...

Three-time defending champion Jesse Mullins will not be competing this year, and that opens the door for a potential new champion! There's a chance that former outdoor champion and current supercross champion Alexis Leclair (not a girl, just French wink ) will not be able to compete in the entire series, so that can open the door wide open to 250 East Supercross Champion Jack Haley, defending 250 Motocross Champion Colton Mitchell, 4-time Supercross and 2012 Motocross Champion Tysen Fresquez, or perhaps multi-time winners from last season like Atom Holm or Chase Blakely. One thing is for certain, for the first time since 2014, there will be a champion not named Jesse Mullins. Below is the teaser of the series with a glimpse at how erode will form throughout each 30 minute + 2 lap moto. For those out of the loop, the series is every Wednesday before the real national and rides replicated tracks that should be pretty close to the track the real pros will race on that weekend. It's honestly more exciting than you'd think it is (There's a lot of gaming haters on here laughing ) and if you check out the opening round at Hangtown on May 16th, then I'm sure you'll be a new fan to the series.

If you aren't already, become familiar with the top riders of the game.

and finally an idea of what the streams are like, here's Glen Helen last year:


Here's a link to the series if anyone is interested in learning more about it: 2018 Race Tech MXSEMF NA Nationals sanctioned by rF Gaming

5/9/2018 5:57 PM

Didn't see this before I made my post about the terrain deformation progression!

Regardless, the organization that goes into this series definitely deserves some limelight smile