2017 CRF 450r frame inserts / skid plate defect

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12/20/2017 9:50 AM

Any of you guys run into the issue of the inserts in the frame for the skid plate spinning with the bolt when you're trying remove the skid plate?

I had to jam a flat bladed screw driver between the frame and the skid plate to get enough leverage to get the bolt out.

Conicidentally, I spoke to Works Connection about their aftermarket skid plate and they mentioned that they've heard from quite a few people about the inserts spinning in the frame.

Is anyone else having this issue or just a lucky few of us?


12/20/2017 9:55 AM

There was a thread on this quite a while back and someone had showed how to fix by pressing in the insert back further into the frame. I guess from the factory on some bikes the insert was not pressed in far enough so it ends up spinning.


12/20/2017 10:05 AM

Mine is the same way, i will try to see if pushing in on it fixes it


12/20/2017 10:36 AM

motox11 wrote:

Mine is the same way, i will try to see if pushing in on it fixes it

The one guy I know had to use a longer threaded bolt with a double nut to press it in some how.


12/20/2017 10:41 AM


12/20/2017 10:56 AM

Thanks, guys.

I called my dealer and they said they're aware of the issue.

The dealer said overtightening the bolt causes the insert to break free... I know I didn't overtighten the bolt to the extent that the insert should spin. Irritating that it's a pain in the ass to resolve this problem on what I'd contend is manufacturing defect.


12/20/2017 11:41 AM

thanks for the link. ours did this the first time I tried to remove the skid plate. I also jammed a screwdriver into mine and got it out then used a punch to peen the insert to the frame. it's working so far but I will snug it up now that I know it's that type of insert.


12/20/2017 12:35 PM

I have used the longer bolt and a double nut to tighten the insert into the frame tighter from the second day I owned the bike. Ever since then for the past year it has been perfect since.


12/20/2017 1:41 PM

Exact same problem on my 18 first time I tried to remove it. Thanks for the info, guys!


12/20/2017 2:06 PM

We use a lot of these rivnuts at work. While they are convenient, I tend to believe that they are not a good application for MX bikes. Primarily due to the fact that the average person working on their own bike is not going to use the OEM torque spec on a skid plate bolt.

If the rivnut tool at the factory doesn't apply enough compression to the rivnut, it won't take much for the knurling to slip and spin inside the hole. In Jared Tebo's post linked above, what you can't see is that the force from the bolt pushed the rivnut deeper into the hole as well as increasing the amount of "mushroom" on the backside. In order for a rivnut to stay put, the top surface has to be seated and the backside has to be compressed enough that it is also contacting the frame.

The reason why these little turds spin is because the rivnut surfaces are not engaged on both sides of the thru hole therefore the only friction keeping the rivnut in place is from the designed interference fit between the hole and the rivnut knurling.