2016 KTM 50 Mini Top end rebuild

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12/15/2017 8:18 PM

I just changed my son piston on his bike and I don’t know why but I been fighting with his cylinder head all nite and lost. Has this happen to anyone else and if so how did you manage to get it installed onto the piston thanks.


12/15/2017 8:28 PM
Edited Date/Time: 12/15/2017 8:30 PM

What is happening that can’t put the head back on? What does the piston have to do with it?


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Any help is appreciated!
Thanks in advance!

12/15/2017 10:17 PM

Getting hung up on the piston ring?


12/16/2017 4:06 AM

RbR wrote:

Getting hung up on the piston ring?



12/16/2017 5:09 AM

Sometimes it is easier to start the piston & ring in the cylinder on your workbench and then insert the wrist pin and cir-clips.


12/16/2017 7:40 AM

Like he said above, sometimes its easier to put the piston in the cylinder first, but ive done plenty of 50cc and it can be frustrating. Just take a deep breath and go back at it. Maybe have someone help hold the cylinder while you pinch the rings.


12/16/2017 10:48 AM

Compress the rings in with your thumb and forefinger on one hand and slip the cylinder over with your other hand. Put a light coating of 2 stroke oil on the bore to help lbricate and slides in easier.

Watch this video too it has some helpful hints. TW me experience is wiseco is more likley to get the ring to pop out than OEM pistons.


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