2014 Yz250f fuel intected bog! Help?

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10/22/2017 8:20 PM

Hey guys, “well almost perfectly” running Yz250f and it’s fuel injected... but when I let idle for 5-10 min just riding in the trails with the kids and they have a million questions of course 7/9 year old girls... (they are really good btw) anyway from natural or 1st 2nd, if I get in gear and and rev it most of the times it’ll cut straight off/// witch is another thing... physically hard to kick, 3-5 kicks to start to the point wear it chewed up my boot (shimms? Timing? or something) don’t know to much just got involved with the sport any info will help thanks


10/22/2017 9:46 PM

Fuel filter inside the pump...