2000 Daytona Supercross...CAUTION: Contains 2 Stroke Motorcycles

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11/4/2018 4:51 AM

Well its officially that time of the year. No moto going on. I constantly keep clicking on all the mx sites in hope of any new content without luck. This reminds me of when there is nothing in your house to eat. You constantly keep going back to the refrigerator in hopes of something magically appearing inside. After half the day is wasted you come to the realisation that you will either have to cook or physically get out and get something.

For your viewing pleasure, the 2000 Daytona SuperCross. I enjoy watching these old 2 stroke races. This track was rough, tough, and technical. The smooth sound of Art Eckman and David Bailey is just music to my ears. This is my small contribution to help all of us get through this very difficult and troublesome time.

WARNING: This video contains actual human beings riding 2 stroke motorcycles that make 2 stroke sounds. I completely understand that this can, will, and might potentially upset a few. You have been warned.

Ha Ha grin grin

oh...... also, no Pulp show for 2 weeks. sad sad


11/4/2018 4:56 AM

Have not watched MEC yet so that’s me sorted for a bit


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