2 Step - Basic Motocross Jumping Techniques.

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11/16/2017 9:11 AM

Hey what's happening! If you're an entry, D or C rider and not jumping with control and confidence, it would help to understand where jumping control comes from. The foundation of jumping control is from body movements and throttle control.

The most important part of the jump is where the bike actually leaves the ground, where you have the compression and rebound part of the jump. What gives you control at this critical part of the jump is your body movements and throttle control. Along with this body movement and throttle control is timing. This timing is very important so the body movement and throttle control has to happen at the right time.

Key into the compression and rebound parts of the jump, move your body back a little as the rear wheel rebounds off the jump and blip the throttle a little at the same time. This should cause the front end to stay level or come up a little. If the front end comes up too high don't move back or blip the throttle as much. If you want the front end lower, it's more of the same, again, don't move back or blip the throttle as much. When you want to accelerate after landing make sure you have the throttle on just before you land.

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11/16/2017 2:15 PM

Thanks for the tips. The main issue I have sometimes when jumping is that the bike will start to kind of drop-out from under me. I'm not sure what I am doing to cause this. It usually happens when I am trying a jump for the first time and am nervous. Am I tensing up maybe? Am I not compressing the shock enough? Can't figure it out but it is impeding my progress to larger jumps.


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