1980 San Diego SX

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9/11/2021 6:24 AM

Almost like a different sport but some good racing . They called it the Motocross Finals on the telecast . Announcing has come a long way too despite out complaints .... MIke Guererra lol .

9/11/2021 7:06 AM

That’s was cool. They were battling for a bit!


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9/11/2021 10:22 AM

Remember watching that live on TV...


9/11/2021 10:54 AM

That track is fucking awesome...


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9/11/2021 12:29 PM

I won both my qualifiers during amateur day, holeshot the final by about 2-3 bike lengths going into the first turn and was already celebrating when I laid it down in the first turn. That was almost as bad as getting a front flat right after the guy I was battling for the lead quit with only 2 laps to go during a Mammoth Motocross final…


9/11/2021 1:09 PM

That was cool ,I just sent the link to the video to a friend of Mike Guerra, I hope he forwards it to Mike, he will like seeing it.


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9/11/2021 8:17 PM

I first watched this race on Netflix. Back when they did DVD rentals. They would mail you DVD's and you would mail them back! I remember being surprised to see Hannah racing. I always thought that he missed the entire year of racing in 1980 due to his infamous broken leg in the water skiing accident with Marty Tripes. I later learned that he also raced the Trans USA series that fall.


9/12/2021 2:17 PM

Mike Bell's #3 1980 Supercross Championship year . . .


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9/14/2021 4:24 PM

They called it the Motocross Finals, and also violated my #1 rule with "Highlight's"

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9/14/2021 4:27 PM
Edited Date/Time: 9/14/2021 4:28 PM

ATK Pilot was right that it almost looks like a different sport.
Could you, on a modern bike, beat all those pros from 1980? I feel almost like I could. Something tells me to check my bravado a little bit, but the speeds seem so much slower than today.

EDIT: I mean, beat them in that race, back in 1980 with your current bike. Travel back in a time machine to race.


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9/14/2021 5:58 PM

Here's New Orleans from the same season . Terrible quality but still pretty cool to watch . This track is faster or has more flow ,lol . Falcon yeah not sure what skill level you are but if you are someone who can do most or all of the obstacles on a track you could possibly win on modern machinery . The corner speed of these guys is pretty incredible though. Someone like me ? Not a chance . Notice there were a lot more mistakes being made in San Diego as it was a slower more technical track relatively speaking.

9/14/2021 6:38 PM

Come on Chuck, cover the inside! laughing


9/14/2021 6:40 PM

They sure jumped a lot different back then..



9/14/2021 6:41 PM


laughing laughing laughing laughing

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9/15/2021 8:28 AM

^ I didn't even see it was "motor" cross. grin grin grin grin


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