17 YZ250F For The Vertically Challenged

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7/14/2016 6:03 PM

Quick question. Can the YZ250F be made to work for a short rider? 5-5, 5-6 ish? Seems to be the tallest bike in the class and doesn't appear to have much seat foam that can be shaved off. What are some of the options without cutting the suspension? Also is there a company that will cut and weld the subframe about 10mm? Thanks


7/14/2016 6:10 PM

Call PR2 racing , talk to Shane tell him Ricky sent ya, get the lowering link for shock and they also can cut subframe and lower it as well. Great service!


7/14/2016 6:14 PM

The Martin bros seem to haul the mail on them at only 4'8".


7/14/2016 6:15 PM

im 5'5" and i lower the subframe and use lowering links. no need to shorten the suspension. low seatfoam could work too.


7/14/2016 6:22 PM

SDG seats will make you a lower seat. If its not on there web site call and ask for the custom department, they can tell you how much lower you can get away with on that bike. It will be a complete new seat so if you purchase and not happy with it you will be able to sell it on Ebay or other and put your stk seat back on.
Also look at pics of the Martin bros bikes from a couple years ago they used to run a lower seat that they do now and it will give you some idea of the amount.


7/14/2016 6:23 PM

ricko wrote:

Call PR2 racing , talk to Shane tell him Ricky sent ya, get the lowering link for shock and they also can cut subframe and ...more

If I were you i'd listen to this advice.


7/14/2016 6:53 PM

Thanks for all the advice so far. Looking on the website it appears that JGR can also cut the subframe as well as offers an adjustable one


7/15/2016 5:59 AM
Edited Date/Time: 7/15/2016 6:01 AM

I had the same problem with the 2012 KX450.

Cut down the seat, install longer rear suspension link, slide the forks up in the clamps, and I considered cutting the sub frame 5mm lower but back then it seemed like too much of a pain. Now there are several companies that offer that service. JGR offers their adjustable sub frame modification for 179.00.


7/15/2016 6:13 AM

My buddy is 5'7 and he installed a lowering link on his 16. He said it help settle the rear end a bit also.


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7/15/2016 6:46 AM


Call Haeseker racing, he does these mods for 150.00 I believe.

Haeseker Racing

7/15/2016 7:19 AM
Edited Date/Time: 7/15/2016 7:21 AM

PR2 looks factory, they do great work, plus they have Darryn as their test rider for all this so they got the Yamaha pretty dialed in.

PR2 Adjustable subframe for the YZ250/450F 2014-16. (-0mm thru -12mm) #PR2parts #onedayturnaround #customized

A photo posted by PR2 Racing (@pr2suspension) on


7/15/2016 7:53 AM

i have a 2016 and am 5'7, it was deft too tall for my liking.
shaved the seat a bit and sent my suspension to factory connections, also added the lowering link, works awesome now


2/22/2017 5:37 PM

I have a 2016 YZ250F and a lowering link was by far the best "bang for your buck" item I think I could have done. I never really realized the issues I was having until I installed the link. The rear end stays planted through braking bumps and trails a lot better in ruts. Visually the bike looks like it sits a hair lower but I never took measurements. On the Yamaha motorsports site they sell a shorter complete seat for it.

I'm really interested in the adjustable subframe. Has anyone here used one? Just looking for some reviews.


2/22/2017 6:43 PM

Does it work on that year's subframe to just get your dremel out and oval out the subframe holes?

Worked pretty well on my '03, '06, and '09...


2/22/2017 7:03 PM

Haven't had the subframe lowered on my '17, but Haeseker racing has done motor mods. Quality work at a fair price.


2/22/2017 7:21 PM
Edited Date/Time: 2/22/2017 7:22 PM

Are there taller aftermarket footpegs out there? I had the shock shortened by Enzo for about $40 when it was revalved, same effect as lowering link but cheaper.


2/23/2017 4:15 AM

I have everything you would possibly need for your yz250f. I'm 5'5" as well and needed to shorten up my bike so I had the subframe done by JGR, factory connections lower link and I also have a factory yamaha short seat. Let me know if you're interested in these parts.
$225 subframe (sell yours on eBay)
$75 short seat
$75 lowering link
61096002eight seven


11/3/2019 1:30 PM

I know this thread is kind of old, but I just purchased a 2020 YZ250F (really no different from a 2019). Just wondering about some of these lowering options.

Usually, I am able to raise the fork tubes up a bit, but on these models, the handlebars are right above the tubes, so you really can't raise them up much at all. Is anyone doing this by perhaps using bar risers?

As for the subframe mod. I've never done that before to a bike, but it seems like that would only lower about midway back to about the rear of the seat. When I come to a stop, I'm usually pretty close to the tank on the front of the seat, so I don't see how lowering the rear portion of the subframe would help.

The low seat option. Yamaha has a part number for a lower seat for the 2020's, but honesly, the 2019-2020 YZ seats were already made lower and skinnier. I don't see how they could shave off any more foam. There's hardly anything there now!...LOL.

I've used lowering links before, but it's been a while. I was looking at the Devol Transformer pull rod. It will drop the seat 22mm or 7/8". Their lowering link will drop the bike 1.25 and states that it's not for aggressive riders or jumping. I will pretty much be riding in the woods, so not sure this would be an issue. I think the Yamalink even drops if farther, but they recommend a stiffer spring.

Any input would be appreciated...thanks!


11/4/2019 7:09 AM


If you can wait, give your suspension time to break in. Then when it’s time to have it serviced, have it lowered internally.


11/4/2019 8:33 AM

That bike when it hits about 15 hrs will start to loosen up and sit a bit lower by 20 hrs. That's about the perfect time for a rebuild and revalve on them. You will be able to tell what you like and don't like as well as tell if you like a softer set up (the bike at 20hrs) or a stiffer fresher set up (bike with 0 hrs). That's the best tuning tip i can give someone for that bike that doesn't know what they want in suspension.

The lowered subframe is good for short riders as it gives us more clearance from our ass to the seat so when the bike kicks up in the back it doesn't hit you in the ass and try to throw you over the bars. You can allow the bike to work underneath you more. It also brings down the contact patch for your legs. For some riders like myself im able to squeeze the bike better because of this.

Links do help this bike. Less so on the 19-20. More so on the 14-18. Don't use a "lowering link". It's not what you need. Use a standard link from Pro Circuit, ride engineering, JGR factory connections ECT ect if you go that route but the stock linkage isn't bad at all on the 2020

Lowering the suspension internally is the way to go. I'm planning on dropping mine .75 to a inch in height front to back. The 18 yzf feels so tall to me that corners especially slow corners i always feel like im going to tip over.
I get through them just fine but when i do bobble a corner it's ugly compared to somone 3- inches taller.


11/4/2019 11:08 AM

Hey guys...I really DO appreciate the responses. After having way too many MX bikes to count, and against my better judgement, I went ahead and ordered a lowering link. I know it's not the "right" way to go...but it is a way...LOL.

I'm 56 years old, 5' 5" short and will only ride the bike in the woods. Most of the stuff is all single track with roots, ruts, and rocks. There are just too many times that I will get stuck on "tweeners"...places where you go to put a toe down and there's nothing there but air. If I wait for the suspension to settle, I'll end up trashing the bike on rocks during the waiting time.

I've had suspension lowered in the past...in fact, Pro-Action is just right down the street from me. I just hate making changes to the bike that I can't reverse myself just in case I want to sell the bike.

I may install a heavier spring with the link to help keep the bike in the "sweet" spot.

I DO get the idea about the sub frame mod to keep the seat from hitting your butt. Never really thought about that, but yeah, it happens. In fact, I my suggest this for my daughter who races a '19 YZ250F. She acquired the short gene and this mod would really help her in whoop sections.


11/4/2019 2:49 PM

Question for you lads out there coming from 14-18 yz250fs. How much better are the 19-20. My eyes are looking again.


11/4/2019 3:10 PM

My daughter had a 2014 and now has the 2019. I know she LOVES the electric starter, she can keep track of hours and change maps using her smart phone, it's thinner due to a reshaped seat and smaller fuel tank, and the air filter is MUCH easier to service.


11/4/2019 4:37 PM

MatadorMkV wrote:

Hey guys...I really DO appreciate the responses. After having way too many MX bikes to count, and against my better judgement, ...more

The lowering link will be just fine for you since your just trail riding it. No mx racing. For your daughter look into the 14-16 stock pegs they are 5mm taller. Not a ton taller but i tried a set and will be grabbing some for myself this winter. That 5 mm gets my knees in a better spot to grip


11/4/2019 5:19 PM

"14-16 stock pegs they are 5mm taller. Not a ton taller but i tried a set and will be grabbing some for myself this winter. That 5 mm gets my knees in a better spot to grip"



11/4/2019 8:25 PM
Edited Date/Time: 11/4/2019 8:26 PM

Never shortened the shock on my bikes but I am 5 foot 8 and have a 28 inch inseam and used to look for a rut or something to stand on to lower the bike to kickstart. Then I got the magic E start


11/10/2019 4:26 PM

I'm a 41 year old vet intermediate, 5'5'', 165lbs. I have a 2015 YZ250f and here is what I did to mine to make it more comfortable. First, take the seat off, then the seat cover, and trim about 1/2-3/4'' off the seat foam. I also took the subframe off and took a die grinder and egg shaped the holes where the subframe bolts to the frame on the side. This made it go down another 1/4''-3/8''. I also run the maximum recommended sag at 105mm. I wouldn't recommend going past 105mm on the sag. It makes the rear of the bike busier and wallowy.

These are cheap mods that are free but take some work. If you can afford to get the adjustable subframe I would recommend that mod more than any other as it does not affect the handling. With a longer linkage pullrod it will lower the rear of the bike but it will change the handling.