07 KTM 200XCW

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2/17/2018 4:05 AM

What kind of bike it this. Is it good for motocross? I have a guy wanting to to trade me one for my 09 YZF250. I don't have a preference for 2 of 4 stroke so, how are they?


2/17/2018 4:08 AM

It’s a woods bike with a soft suspension made for slower trail riding. It’s like a 125 on steroids. Light but closer to a 250 powerband.


2/17/2018 4:34 AM

I have an 05 200exc and love the bike. I had a kx250 for 10 years and swore I would never sell it. It had waayyyy too much money into it and was set up really well for woods. I rode my brothers 200 and within 5 miles of riding it, I knew the kx was going up for sale. I've had the 200 for 2 years now and haven't thought of selling it once.

It is super soft for moto, but you can put 125sx suspension components and gas tank/ plastics to get it pretty good for moto. Certainly has enough power. I think it's pretty comparable to 250f power.

Also depending on where you are, those 200s are very highly desired and you could easily get $500 more than you would get for the 250f if they are both in good condition.

Do the trade. If you don't like it there are plenty more yamahas out there!


2/17/2018 5:01 AM

I owned the 1998 200MXC. Loved it. It was a bike that would do it all. Great bike and I regret getting rid of it.


2/17/2018 5:31 AM

I run a kdx 220 with kx125 susoension as a woods bike, more fun than a sack of wet mxxxxxxr girls


2/17/2018 7:02 AM

It's quite possibly the best East coast woods racer ever made. But it's not a motocross bike. It will likely have a big tank. It's PDS rear suspension. The suspension will be very soft for mx, which is perfect for snotty woods courses.

If you're wanting to race mx or only ride mx practice tracks, the engine will be really good but the suspension will hold you back.

if you're going to woods race or trail ride every week, this bike is top notch.


2/17/2018 7:07 AM

Trail riding and woods racing the bike is lethal. Easily the best bike I have ever rode for the trail.


2018 CRF250R

2/17/2018 7:24 AM

make1go wrote:

I run a kdx 220 with kx125 susoension as a woods bike, more fun than a sack of wet mxxxxxxr girls

I tried riding a 2001 KDX 200 with kx250 KYB suspension and hated it with a passion, felt off in general and would constantly try to push out in corners, Maybe the KX 125 suspension is a better option, I'll stick to stock for now but Interesting to hear.

As for the OP is you are racing solely Moto then not probably your cup of tea but if you are riding trails mostly and just occasional light Moto, then I've never heard anything bad from anyone whose owned one.


2/17/2018 7:40 AM

I have an '04 200EXC (similar) and it frigging rules. Insanely fun to ride.


2/17/2018 10:57 AM

I don't ride much anymore. Two back to back wrecks in 14-15 kept me out of work for 10 months and left me with a left foot that barely works. Speaking of,that, hows the shifting on that bike as I have a really hard time pulling the shifter up now with the bad foot. I would most likely ride it to follow my grandson around on the moto track and ride a little. It would most all be moto ridden but slow. The only thing is I have sons that might want to ride it on the moto track and they aren't as slow as me.

I'd love to try some woods riding as I grew up just riding trails and shit, We didn't have money to go racing so it was trails and powerlines. My kids nor my grandson care anything about trails at all. lol. Oh well, I'm still up in the air on the thing.

Thanks for the replies..


2/17/2018 2:20 PM

Buttery smooth shifting. Stock clutch is super easy to pull. Recluse is a bit stiffer but there's ways around that...

Sounds like the 200 would be perfect for you. You can lug it and go as slow as you want and it won't over heat like the 4 strokes do.

I only ride woods though. If I take it on a moto track (B 30+ rider) it gets interesting. Not saying you can't do it but you are certainly riding creative lines to make a smoother track. Big whoops on a moto track don't get along with east coast rocky and rooty woods suspension.